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Minimalen presents, in cooperation with Midtnorsk Filmsenter, Richard Raskin and Intellect Journals:

Short Film Studies Symposium 2019

Do quality short films deserve close and comprehensive study? If you would answer that question with a resounding ’yes’, then the journal called Short Film Studies is likely to interest you. At this symposium, we will launch the eighteenth issue (#9.2) of the journal,
focusing on the two prize-winning short films singled out for close study in the issue (see next page).

This year, the symposium is hosted by Endre Eidsaa Larsen. The films will be screened in their entirety, and the filmmakers of both films have created a video explaining key aspects of their project. Furthermore, one of the journal article authors will present his text. There will be ample room for members of the audience to play an active role in the discussion. This will be a genuine vitamin injection for anyone who wants to understand what makes a short film tick, and a competence boost for filmmakers at all levels.

Short Film Studies journal

Short Film Studiesis a double-blind peer-reviewed journal from Intellect Journals, designed to stimulate ongoing research on individual short films as a basis for a better understanding of the art form as a whole. In each issue, two short films will be selected for comprehensive study, with articles illuminating each film from a variety of perspectives.

Please find a PDF with abstracts of the articles for each film below.

Richard Raskin (b. 1941) is the Founding editor of Short Film Studies,Unfortunately, he cannot come, but still works as an editor and facilitator of the symposium.

Endre Eidsaa Larsen (b. 1988) holds an MA in Film and Media Studies from NTNU, and is currently a Ph.D. student at Volda University College.

Wednesday 17:00 - Nova 2 (Total: 90 min.)

ESP 2016 | Doc. (Essay) | 13 min.
Directors: Adrian Martin, Cristina Alvarez López

PDF Download Abstracts of articles in Short Film Studies Vol 9 No 2


Et audiovisuelt essay laget for filmtidsskriftet Sight& Sound som utforsker nostalgiens gleder og sorger hos en av filmens store diktere av følelsesminne. Klipp fra Spirit of the Beehive (1973), El Sur (1983) og Dream of Light (1992).

An audiovisual essay made for Sight & Sound magazine, exploring the joy and regret of nostalgia with one of the cinema’s great, spare poets of sense-memory. Clips from Spirit of the Beehive (1973), El Sur (1983) and Dream of Light (1992).


Adrian Martin
(b. 1959, Australia), Cristina Alvarez López
(b. 1980, Spain)

Production: Sight & Sound, article here >
Contact: Adrian Martin, e: adrian.martin[at]


ESP 2015 | Fic. | 15 min.
Director: Clara Roquet

PDF Download Abstracts of articles in Short Film Studies Vol 9 No 2


Rosana har jobbet som hushjelp for Vidal-familien i mange år. Når eldstefruen i huset dør, sørger hun på sitt eget vis. På begravelsesdagen må hun fortsette å jobbe for den sørgende familien.

Rosana has been working as a house-keeper for the Vidal family for several years. When the elderly lady of the house dies, Rosana mourns in her own way. On the day of the funeral, she has to continue to work for the grieving family.

Clara Roquet
(b. 1988, Spain).

Script: Clara Roquet | Camera: Gris Jordana | Editing:
Mounia Akl, Carlos Marqués-Marcet | Cast: Jenny Rios,
Mercè Pons, Júlia Danés

Production: Lastor Mewdia, Sergio Moreno, Tono Folguera
Contact: Clara Roquet, e: clara.roquet[at]

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