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filmvisning | screening masterclass eloise king

Minimalen presents, in cooperation with Midtnorsk Filmsenter


Short documentaries on digital platforms are on the rise, and their popularity is increasing. World-renowned news agencies are focusing on short documentaries from around the world with artistic and journalistic ambitions, and the films reach a large and growing audience. Minimalen is a partner in Midtnorsk Filmsenter´s new project focusing on the short documentary, and would like to present what we find to be some of the best short documentary films internationally from recent years.

Kortdok.: Filmvisning (Total: 86 min.)
Short Docs: Best of
Tor | Thur 10:00
[Nova 3]

USA 2016 | Doc.Exp. | 14 min.
Director: Kristy Guevara-Flanagan


En kriminalteknisk utforsking av vår kulturelle besettelse med bilder av døde kvinner på lerretet.

A forensic exploration of our cultural obsession with images of the dead woman on screen.

Editing: Kristy Guevara-Flanagan
Cast: Danyi Deats

Production, contact: Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, e: kgflanagan[at]

CHE 2017 | Doc. | 10 min.
Director: Mark Olexa, Francesca Scalisi

BLACK LINE (Ligne Noire)

En kvinne som fisker i uklart vann, en natur under press, det fjerne utropet fra moskeen - alt sammen forbundet med en tynn, svart linje.

A woman fishing in turbid waters, a suffering nature, the broken chant of the muezzin - all linked by a thin, black line.

Camera: Mark Olexa

Production: Francesca Scalisi, Mark Olexa
Contact: Francesca Scalisi, e: distribution[at]

GBR 2017 | Ani.Doc. | 9 min.
Directors: Greg McLeod,
Myles McLeod


En by utenfor allfarvei i Texas. Et sted utenfor tiden. En ørken hvor rare lys danser på nattehimmelen. Et mekka for elskere av minimalistisk kunst. Et landskap med rømte hester, originaler og hurtigmatbiler. Og så er det den gigantiske sitronen.

A town on the borderlands of Texas. A place out of time. A desert where strange lights dance in the night sky. A mecca for lovers of minimalist art. A landscape of lost horses, freaks and food trucks. And then there’s the giant lemon.

Script: Greg McLeod, Myles McLeod

Production: Greg McLeod, Myles McLeod
Contact: Greg McLeod, e: webcontact[at]

NED 2017 | Doc. | 17 min.
Director: Reber Dosky


Denne filmen, filmet under slaget ved Kobani, viser oss kvinnene som står midt i krigen mot IS. Med stoisk utholdenhet og hjelp fra amerikanske luftangrep leder disse kvinnene frihetskampen.

Filmed during the battle of Kobani, this film reveals the women at the heart of the fight against IS. With stoical perseverance and the aid of American airstrikes, these women are leading the fight for freedom.

Production: Jos de Putter
Contact: Wouter Jansen, e: info[at]

GBR 2018 | Doc. | 26 min.
Director: Ed Perkins


Etter det høyprofilerte drapet på Damilola Taylor i London, flytter Cornelius og familien ut av storbyen. Men når de oppdager at deres nye hjemby er drevet av rasister tyr Cornelius til drastiske steg for å overleve.

After the high-profile killing of Damilola Taylor,Cornelius´ family move out of London. But when they discover their new town is run by racists, Cornelius takes a drastic step to survive.

Cast: Kai Francis Lewis, Cornelius Walker
Production: Jonathan Chinn, Simon Chinn,
Lindsay Poulton, Charlie Phillips
Contact: Charlie Phillips,

CHE 2018 | Doc. | 10 min.
Director: Corina Schwingruber Ilić


Forhekset av masseunderholdning på åpent hav.

Under the spell of mass entertainment on the high seas.

Script: Corina Schwingruber Ilić | Camera: Nikola Ilić

Production: Stella Händler
Contact: Some Shorts - Wouter Jansen, e: info[at]

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Kortdok. | Short Docs (Total: 90 min.)
Masterclass: Eloise King

Masterclassen er åpen for alle.
The masterclass is open to the public.


Midtnorsk Filmsenter presents in cooperation with Minimalen


Midtnorsk Filmsenter is launching the project Short documentaries on international digital platforms, aimed at professional directors and producers in Trøndelag. The project will last for a year (to be repeated in 2020), where a selected group of filmmakers get the chance to develop their ideas under guidance of leading international experts. Minimalen is a partner in this project which is supported by Arts Council Norway, and as an introduction to the first project session we will screen a selection of short documentaries followed by a masterclass with Eloise King - an acclaimed filmmaker and former executive producer at VICE.

Eloise King is an award-winning filmmaker and most recently, she was Global Executive Producer at VICE, overseeing all digital channels in the UK, and i-D globally. Her body of work has a focus on telling powerful human stories that foreground marginalised voices, and previous titles include Kids Behind Bars (ITV), Acid Attacks (VICE) and the multi award-winning ‘Gurls Talk series. In 2015, King founded Women on Docs, a UK and LA based screening collective and event network celebrating the contribution of women to documentary film. In 2018 King was recognised for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ in Campaign magazine and Creative Equals list of female leaders defining creativity.


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