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Den 31. Minimalen Kortfilmfestival
22. - 27. januar 2019
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Priser 2019

International Competition

Best International Film - The Minimalen Trophy and 1000 euro given by Minimalen

• Obon by André Hörmann and Anna Samo [DEU]

To a short film that deals with an extreme situation and how it affects an individual, a family and a society. It is a complex work that uses real documents and wonderful artistry to tell the tale of a woman who lived through hell on earth. We are astonished and moved by the heartbreaking story of the end of a culture in one fell swoop. And we are grateful for the moments of lightheartedness, real emotion and humanism that reverberate throughout the film. We have seen many films about this dark historic event, but never felt so strongly the horrors of the Hiroshima bombing from the victims’ perspective.

Honorable Mentions

• Our Song to War (Nuestro canto a la guerra) by Juanita Onzaga [BEL, COL]

A film that in the course of merely 14 minutes gives us a deep, immersive experience of life in the shadow of war. Sound and picture guide us fluently in and out of a dark history. The film is beating with the heart of the great cinematic tradition, and opens our senses to its protagonists – the people.

• Stratum by Nick Jordan, Jacob Cartwright [GBR]

A film that impressed us with layers of raw material from a few locations in different eras, weaved together with a mesmerising soundtrack. The archive material presents a view of the human condition at the height of the industrial age, which – by means of filmmaking – is revealed as surprisingly relevant to our day and age.

• All These Creatures by Charles Williams [AUS]

A powerful depiction of mental illness and the afflictions of an affected family. A work of fiction can channel all kinds of worlds, and this film offers a son’s view of a father who struggles to discern between the real and the unreal.

Jury: Roger Gonin [FRA], Anna Zača [LVA], Odd Magnus Grimeland [NOR]


Audience Award International Competition - 500 euro given by Minimalen

• Rhapsody in Blueberry by Gaëlle Denis [FRA]


International and Nordic Competition (combined award)

The Raskin Spirit Festival Award
Overarching the two main competitions, and selected by the festival team.

• Dark Chamber by Ottó Bánovits [SWE]

The award was established to celebrate the unique qualities of a compact, poetic short film that make use of the visual and auditive possibilities in an imaginative way, and do not follow the traditional feature film dramaturgy.

Nordic Competition

Best Norwegian Film - The Minimalen Trophy and 5.000 kroner given by Minimalen

• Sara’s Intimate Confessions (Saras intime betroelser) by Emilie Blichfeldt [NOR]

This film brings the idea of an empowering inner voice to a truly unexpected level! Blending fiction and animation, this is a daring, visually playful, extremely entertaining exploration of female sexuality and the refusal to be defined by undermining standards of beauty.

Best Nordic Film - The Minimalen Trophy and 1.000 euro given by NTNU - Department of Art and Media Studies

• How to Approach a Giant Hole (Hur man närmar sig ett stort hål) by Sawandi Groskind [FIN]

This is a deceptively simple film which, with a subtle and understated touch, conjures up universal themes of alienation, belonging and cultural displacement. With its quiet, nocturnal and meditative pace, this film manages to leave the audience the space to reflect about filling their own metaphorical hole.

Best Nordic Animation

• Egg by Martina Scarpelli [DNK, FRA]

For how it combines a minimalist style with a captivating voice-over to transport us into the mind and body of a woman trapped by an eating disorder.

Best Nordic Documentary

• Elektro by Thor Brenne [NOR]

An extremely personal, heartfelt and down-to-earth portrait of a filmmaker's journey to find his vocation which leads him to re-examine some key figures of his youth.

Honorable Mentions, Nordic Competition

• Quiet (Stille) by Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen [NOR]

For its mastery of cut-out animation to sensitively and imaginatively bring to life stories of troubled childhoods.

• The Bear by Johannes Stjärne Nilsson [SWE]

For its inventiveness and surreal tone in capturing a character longing to break away from the often inhumane quality of a workaholic society.

Jury: Gaia Meucci-Astley [ITA, GBR], Sébastien Simon [FRA, KOR], Mari Nilsen Neira, [NOR]


Best Norwegian Prerunner
To be screened before a feature film at Trondheim kino for one month, selected by Trondheim kino.

• Somewhere Soft by Satoe Yoshinari [NOR]

(In Norwegian)
Den ultimate forfilmen skal være en appetittvekker på et stort format, men også en fullstendig historie og et kunstverk i seg selv. Årets vinner av Forfilmprisen klarer på mesterlig vis å nå publikum med en skjør og fin tone og si noe om den umulige kjærligheten. Ved bruk av få farger, men tydelige overganger fra lyset til mørket gir den både håp og forklaring på hvorfor det kan være så vanskelig å nå inn til hverandres innerste rom.


One-minute-film Competitions

Best One-minute-film YOUNG
Audience Award, 3.000 kroner given by Midtnorsk Filmsenter

• Smaken av kjærligheten by Matias Walberg, Hans Henrik Larsen-Bergström, Vegard Sand, Ron Mikaél Brandås [NOR]

Best One-minute-film
Audience Award, the trophy Den Gyldne Saks 2.0

• Svigerblod by Christer Steffensen [NOR]


Regional Student Film Competition

Best film

• In Trondheim Lived (I Trondheim bodde) by Khaleel Etwebi

(In Norwegian)
Juryen ønsker å berømme idérikdommen, originaliteten og den uforutsigbare og dristige bruken av enkle virkemidler i årets vinnerfilm. Og ikke minst er vi glade for å se en film som tar opp uhyre viktige ting både i dagens Norge og fra den mest traumatiske delen av vårt land historie. At filmen føles for kort er for oss et godt tegn, for vi ønsker å se mye mer både om dette temaet og fra denne filmskaperen i framtida.

Jury: Svein Inge Sæther, Julia Leyda and Line K. Johansen


Multiplié Dance Film Competition

Best Film - 1.000 euro given by DansiT

• Salt Water by Abe Abrahams [USA]

To a dance film that is suggestive, intuitive and has found its optimal form and length. An original and well thought out concept, and shows overall strong craftmanship. The film displays individuals merging into an abstract, organic whole, giving it a meditative and undulating quality that can awaken a variety of associations within the viewer.

Honorable Mentions

• Laws of Motion by Jeppe Lange [DNK]

To a dance film of high visual quality and production value. The selected props, costumes and location merge well with the choreography and the dancers' convincing expressions, and the concept comes to its own through the high quality of the production. The film is quirky, fun and a bit disturbing, and demonstrates unexpected elements, in a contemporary esthetic.

Jury: Gina Sandberg, Jon Vatne and Per Fikse.


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