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Minimalen presents, in cooperation with Midtnorsk Filmsenter, Cynthia Felando and Intellect Journals:


Short Film Studies Symposium 2022

Do quality short films deserve close and careful study? If you answer that question with an enthusiastic ‘yes’, then the Short Film Studies journal is likely to interest you. At this symposium, we will launch the journal’s twenty-first issue (#11.2), with a focus on the award-winning short chosen for close study, Trade Queen (2015), and the issue’s featured short filmmaker, Lynne Ramsay.

The symposium is hosted by the new editor, Cynthia Felando. David Wagner is present and will talk about his award-winning film Trade Queen, which will be screened as part of this session. The five shorts of Lynne Ramsay are screened in their entirety in a separate session right before this one.

There will be ample room for members of the audience to play an active role in the discussion. This will be a genuine vitamin injection for anyone who wants to understand what makes a short film tick, and a competence boost for filmmakers at all levels.

Short Film Studies is a peer-reviewed journal published by Intellect, whose aim is to encourage the study and appreciation of short films. Each issue features a single, carefully curated short film and a renowned filmmaker whose work includes several shorts.

Please find a PDF with abstracts of the articles in 11.2 here >

CYNTHIA FELANDO (USA) is the editor of Short Film Studies. She is a film researcher and lecturer, graduated from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television doctoral program. Professional experience includes working as an art house and film festival programmer for both shorts and feature-length films and serving as a faculty member at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where her research interests include a focus on short form media. Editor of the peer-reviewed Short Film Studies journal and author of the monograph, Discovering Short Films: The History and Style of Live-Action Fiction Shorts.


Cinemateket - Thursday 7pm (Total: 90 min.)

DEU 2015 | Fic. | 8 min.
Director: David Wagner


Hr. Jonas og Hr. Schmidt jobber sammen som dør-til-dør-selgere. Når arbeidsdagen er over finner begge sin adspredelse, men på svært forskjellige måter - den ene stille og den andre ganske glamorøst. Det viktige? De vil alltid stille opp for hverandre.

Mr. Jonas and Mr. Schmidt work together as door-to-door cooking-pots salesmen. At the end of their work day, both men find relaxation, but in very different ways - one quietly and the other quite glamorously. The important thing? They’ll always have each other’s backs.

David Wagner
(b. 1982, AUT)

Script: Justus Bergen | Camera: Moritz Mössinger | Editor: Sönke Saalfeld | Cast: Thomas Gerber, Heiko Raulin, Harry Lampl

Production: Hamburg Media School - Janina S. Hennemann
Print: Hamburg Media School


Still from Small Deaths (1995)

Still from Swimmer (2012)


Gjennom hele sin karriere har den internasjonalt anerkjente skotske filmskaperen Lynne Ramsay kontinuerlig vist engasjement for å lage kortfilmer, som er like høyt ansett som hennes langfilmer. Alle kortfilmene vises i en egen forestilling rett før denne, mens alle langfilmene vises i helgen.

Throughout her career, the internationally acclaimed Scottish filmmaker Lynne Ramsay has demonstrated her ongoing commitment to making short films, which are as highly regarded as her features. All the shorts are screened in a separate, adjacent session, while all the features are screened this weekend.

Lynne Ramsay
(b. 1969, GBR)

(Photo: Brigitte Lacome
for Doha Film Institute)

Filmografi | Filmography: Small Deaths (Short fiction, 1995), Kill the Day (Short fiction, 1996), Gasman (Short fiction, 1997), Ratcatcher (Feature, 1999), Morvern Callar (Feature, 2002), We Need to Talk About Kevin (Feature, 2011), Swimmer (Short fiction, 2012), You Were Never Really Here (Feature, 2017), Brigitte (Short documentary, 2019)

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