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Minimalen 2017

Festival 2017:
  Schedule (pdf)
International Comp.
Nordic & Norwegian Comp.
Short Matters
Deborah Stratman
Short Treats
Czech Animation
Forum: Contemporary Propaganda
Multiplié Dance Film
Music Video Party
Children's Prog.
Regional Premieres & Reception
Norwegian Film Art:
The 90s
Short Film Studies Symposium

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Minimalen Short Film Festival

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Welcome to The 29th Minimalen Short Film Festival!

The 29th Minimalen Short Film Festival proudly presents more than 200 world class films from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th of January 2017 at the Nova Cinema in Trondheim, Norway.

Be among the first to watch the seminal films, and celebrate talented filmmakers from all over the world. Afterwards, you can have a beer together at the Festival Club. Welcome to this year's film fest!


» Virtual Catalogue » Download Catalogue (pdf)

• INT: International Competition
(6 programmes with 45 films from the whole wide world outside the Nordic Countries)


• NOR: Nordic & Norwegian Competiton
(6 programmes with 38 films from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland)


• One-minute-films & EMU
(1 programme with 28 films from Norway)


• Short Matters
(3 programmes with 15 films nominated to European Film Awards)


• Children's Programmes
Films for children, and a session with Pjotr Sapegin and Kristin Günther sharing how The Last Norwegian Troll was made. (4 programmes)


• Multiplié Dance Film
Dance and film is a powerful combination. DansiT presents a wide spectre of worldwide dance films.


• Music Video Party
Helmet Studio is the arena for this party with epic music videos, upcoming regional films, two bands, and DJs & VJs!


• Regional Premieres & Reception
Celebratory screening of three brand new films, followed by an opening reception for The 29th Minimalen.


• Czech Animation
Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic represent a level of their own within the history of animation. Get familiar with classics from the period 1946-1999 by Trnka, Pojar, Barta, Švankmajer, Pavlátová and Klimt. (3 programmes)


• Deborah Stratman
We are proud to present this year's main guest, who is based in Chicago and working with experimental and documentary film. The films often explore how places, ideas and the undercurrents of society are connected. See the films, and experience Deborah Stratman in person in the Masterclass. (3 programmes)


• Forum: Contemporary Propaganda
How are film and social media being used to construct and distribute ideas of conspiracy? We invite to a conversation with John Færseth, Bjørn Sørenssen and Kristine Ask exploring contemporary propaganda, in collaboration with Vitforum at NTNU. Note: In Norwegian, at Antikvariatet, Tuesday 24 January at 6:15 p.m.


• Norwegian Film Art: 1990-2000
We continue our journey through the history of Norwegian film art, decade by decade, in cooperation with Atopia. Now it's time for a closer look at the 90's. (2 programmes with 29 films from Norway)


• Short Film Studies Symposium
Two acclaimed short film are investigated to see how they work, with the participation and contribution of both filmmakers. A proper energizer for anyone who wants to understand or create a short film.


• Short Treats
Entertaining films borrowed from the International and Nordic competitions.







Tickets 2017

Purchase your All Access Pass now:
ordinary: nok 450 Student campaIgn: nok 250

• All Festival Access Pass: NOK 450
Gives access to all the programmes* and events*.
Buy by clicking the button above, or at Nova kinosenter from Wednesday January 25.
Student **: NOK 300.
Student ** campaign offer until January 23: NOK 250

• Punch card (5 tickets): NOK 250
Access to 5 programmes (each a batch of approx. 90 minutes of short films).
Available at all the cinemas in Trondheim during the festival.

• Single ticket: NOK 90
Access to a single programme (a batch of approx. 90 minutes of short films).
Available at Trondheim kino >.


* Provided that there are seats available, get a ticket for each programme (for free) to be on the safe side.
** Bring along your student ID when fetching your pass.

Questions? Contact Minimalen:, or phone (+47) 7352 2757.


Programme 2017
Nova Cinema, 1, 2 & 3
General age restriction: 15 y.o.
(Children's prog.: 6 y.o.)

18:15 Forum: Contemporary Propaganda [Antikvariatet]
12:00 NOR 1
14:00 NOR 2
16:00 Meet the Filmmakers
16:00 Short Matters 1
18:00 Regional Premieres
19:30 Opening Reception
21:00 INT 1
22:00 Festival Club

10:00 Children's prog. 1
11:00 How the Troll Was Made
11:00 NOR 3
12:00 Children's prog. 2
13:00 How the Troll Was Made
13:00 NOR 4
15:00 Meet the Filmmakers
15:00 Short Matters 2
17:00 Short Film Studies Symposium
19:00 INT 2
21:00 INT 3
22:00 Festival Club
11:00 NOR 5
12:00 One-minute-films
13:00 NOR 6
15:00 Meet the Filmmakers
15:00 Short Matters 3
17:00 INT 4
19:00 Deborah Stratman 1: Retrospective
21:00 Czech Ani. 1:
21:00 Music Video Party
[Helmet Studio]

11:00 Czech Ani. 2:
13:00 INT 5
15:00 INT 6
17:00 Meet the Filmmakers
17:00 Deborah Stratman 2: Retrospective
19:00 Deborah Stratman 3: Masterclass
21:00 Czech Ani. 3:
22:00 Festival Club

11:00 Norwegian Film Art 1990-2000: Part 1
13:00 Norwegian Film Art 1990-2000: Part 2
15:00 Award ceremony and screening
18:00 Multiplié Dance Film
20:00 Short Treats
20:00 Festival Club

Changes might occur.

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