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Minimalen 2016

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Having been a fairly anonymous film country throughout the communist period, a new generation of Romanian filmmakers started to emerge at the turn of the millennium. After a couple of years of burgeoning feature film production, Romania fully entered the international short film arena in 2004. Ten years later, we can conclude that we have been provided with an enrichment of the world film heritage, not least within the fiction short film, and it is on high time to give this some special attention. To that end, we focus our attention on two of our absolute favorites within the short film, regardless of national affiliation: Adrian Sitaru and Radu Jude. They studied together at the Media University in Bucharest, got their individual breakthrough in 2007, and has since alternated between making shorts and feature films. Their shorts have been screened worldwide and have stocked up awards at the most prestigious festivals.

Several traits of these films bring to mind the Italian neorealism, with long takes on location, often with non-professional actors - partially as a consequence of low budget. Consistently displaying an interest in the human condition, usually with ordinary people living under simple conditions, portrayed with a pinch of dark humour. The traditional feature film dramaturgy with its cheap plot point is replaced by a 'slice of life' approach, where the characters through the tensions that arise while struggling with everyday dilemmas, often within the family, are revealed in a way that evoke great credibility. The films of Sitaru are presented in Romania 1, and Jude’s films in Romania 2. Most of these films have been screened at Minimalen before.

Categories: Ani = Animation, Doc = Documentary, Exp = Experimental, Fic = Fiction, Mus = Music


Fredag | Friday 19:00
(Total: 92 min.)

Adrian Sitaru (b. 1971) broke through internationally with his 2007 short film Waves (Valuri) at the festivals in Locarno and Sundance, and has since alternated between making short films, feature films and television drama. As inspiration for his inclination for subtle everyday drama, Sitaru has emphasized the short stories of Raymond Carver, where seemingly small details can initiate personal tragedies. In addition to the five films in this programme, the film Art (Arta) participates in International competition. Sitaru is now in the process of completing two feature films, Illegitim and Fixeur.


ROU 2007 | Fic. | 17 min.
Director: Adrian Sitaru

WAVES (Valuri)

To personer opplever ekstreme situasjoner på stranda.

At the seaside, on the beach, two people experience extreme situations.

Camera: Adrian Silisteanu | Music: Cornel Ilie | Editing: Sorin Damian

Production: Virginia Constantinescu - ADDA

ROU 2009 | Fic. | 17 min.
Director: Adrian Sitaru

THE CAGE (Colivia)

Mihaes' lille gutt Alex kommer hjem med en syk due. Nye konflikter blusser opp mellom far og sønn, men også muligheten for en forsoning som Mihaes sårt trenger.

Mihaes's little boy Alex brings home a sick dove. This raises new conflicts between father and son, but also a possible reconciliation that Mihaes very much needs.

Script: Adrian Sitaru | Camera: Adrian Silisteanu

Production: Monica Lazurean - 4 Proof Film

ROU 2011 | Fic. | 18 min.
Director: Adrian Sitaru


Neli drar til hovedstaden et par dager, så sønnen Dan blir igjen hjemme alene. Når hun kommer tilbake, møtes hun av ivrige naboer som overøser henne med detaljer om festen Dan har holdt mens hun var borte.

Neli goes to Bucharest for a few days, while her son Dan is left home alone. On her return, her neighbours rush into welcoming her, unearthing details of the party Dan organized in her absence.

Script: Claudia Silisteanu | Camera: Adrian Silisteanu | Editing: Andrei Gorgan | Cast: Elena Ivanca, Clara Voda, Emilian Marnea, Natasa Raab, Tania Filip

Production: Monica Gorgan - 4 Proof Film

ROU 2013 | Fic. | 19 min.
Director: Adrian Sitaru

EXCURSION (Excursie)

Etter TV-nyheten om at skapninger fra verdensrommet har landet i Romania, stjeler 9-åringen Eugen et kamera og begynner å filme hverdagen før han forsvinner. Når han blir så kommer til rette igjen, tolker media den lille guttens filmopptak som bevis for pedofilt misbruk.

Following a TV News announcement of aliens landing in Romania, 9-year-old Eugen steals a camera and starts filming his everyday life and then disappears. When he is found, the little boy's footage is interpreted by the media as proof of pedophile abuse.

Script: Adrian Titieni | Camera: Adrian Silisteanu | Editing: Andrei Gorgan | Cast: Adrian Titieni

Production: Adrian Titieni - 4 Proof Film

GBR 2014 | Fic. | 21 min.
Director: Adrian Sitaru


En ung eiendomsmegler bor sammen med kjæresten, en tidligere stripper. Mesteparten av tiden bruker de på å sole seg eller ha sex. Men noen følger med fra leiligheten tvers over gata.

A young estate agent lives in a flat with his girlfriend, a former stripper. They spend most of their time sun-bathing or having sex. But someone is watching them from a home across the street.

Script: Adrian Sitaru | Camera: Jose Ruiz | Editing: Ilinca Calugareanu | Cast: Tom Holloway, Mark Arnold, Sarah Barker

Production: Mara Adina − Vernon Films

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Lørdag | Saturday 20:00
(Total: 95 min.)

Radu Jude (b. 1977) entered the international scene with the short film The Tube with a Hat (Lampa cu Caciula) which a.o. received the jury award at the Sundance festival in 2007. He has since alternated between making short films and feature films, including the feature The Happiest Girl in the World (2009), which won awards at both Sundance and the Berlinale. Judes subtle psychological drama and stated desire to show life as it is, often with a certain melancholy towards his characters, is reflected in the short stories of Chekhov - which he also based the last of the four films we are screening. During his whole career, Radu Jude has been working with Ada Solomon as a producer - that also applies to the feature Aferim!, which participated in the main competition at the 2015 Berlinale.


ROU 2006 | Fic. | 23 min.
Director: Radu Jude

THE TUBE WITH A HAT (Lampa cu Caciula)

Grytidlig en morgen vekker sju år gamle Marian faren. Det striregner i den lille rumenske landsbyen, og det regner også inn i huset. Men faren har lovet Marian å få reparert det gamle TV-apparatet. Dermed legger far og sønn ut på sin viktige ekspedisjon, en road-movie i regnet.

Very early in the morning, seven year-old Marian wakes his father. It is raining heavily in the poor Romanian village and also inside their house. But the father has promised Marian to go to the city to fix the old TV set. Thus, father and son set off on their important mission, a road-movie in the rain.

Script: Florin Lazarescu | Camera: Marius Panduru | Editing: Cătălin Cristuţiu | Cast: Gabriel Spahiu, Marian Bratu

Production: Ada Solomon - Hi Film Productions

ROU 2007 | Fic. | 25 min.
Director: Radu Jude


Tavi, en kar i slutten av tredveårene, oppdager at hans fire år gamle datter Alexandra ikke kaller ham «pappa» lenger.

Tavi, a man in his late thirties, discovers that Alexandra, his four-year-old daughter, is not calling him 'Dad' anymore.

Script: Radu Jude, Augustina Stanciu, Andrei Butica | Camera: Andrei Butica | Editing: Cătălin Cristuţiu | Cast: Serban Pavlu, Mimi Branescu, Alexandra Pascu, Oana Ioachim

Production: Ada Solomon - Hi Film Productions

ROU 2013 | Fic. | 30 min.
Director: Radu Jude

SHADOW OF A CLOUD (O Umbra de Nor)

Bucuresti under en hetebølge. En prest er tilkalt ved en kvinnes dødsleie for å gi henne den siste olje, men ikke alle er glade for å se ham.

Bucharest during a heat wave. A priest is called to a woman's deathbed to perform last rites, but not everyone is glad to see him.

Script: Florin Lazarescu | Camera: Marius Panduru | Editing: Cătălin Cristuţiu | Cast: Serban Pavlu, Olga Podaru, Alexandru Dabija, Mihaela Sirbu

Production: Ada Solomon - Hi Film Productions

ROU 2014 | Fic. | 17 min
Director: Radu Jude

(Trece Si Prin Perete)

Jeg er redd, Bestefar! Hører du? Menneskene i huset gråter, sa han. De savner han som døde, det er grunnen til at gråter. Basert på en Tsjekhov-novelle.

I'm frightened, Grandfather! Do you hear? The people in the house are crying, he said. They miss the one who died, that's why they are crying. Based on a short story by Chekhov.

Script: Radu Jude | Camera: Marius Panduru | Editing: Cătălin Cristuţiu | Cast: Ion Arcudeanu, Marcel Horobet, Sofia Nicolaescu, Gabriel Spahiu

Production: Ada Solomon − Micro Film

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Programme 2016
Nova Cinema, 1, 2 & 3

10:00 EFA 1: Short Matters!
12:00 NOR 1
14:00 INT 1
16:00 NOR 2
18:00 Regional Premieres
20:00 Short Treats 1
20:00 Reception & opening party
22:00 Festival Club

10:00 Children’s Programme 1
10:00 EFA 2: Short Matters!
11:00 Animation Workshop
12:00 Children’s Programme 2
12:00 INT 2
14:00 NOR 3
15:00 Regional Film Education
16:00 Meet the Filmmakers 1
17:00 Short Film Studies Symposium
19:00 NOR 4
21:00 Masterclass: The Secret World of Moths
23:00 Festival Club

10:00 Conflight
10:00 EFA 3: Short Matters!
12:00 One-minute-films & EMU
12:00 INT 3
14:00 NOR 5
16:00 Meet the Filmmakers 2
17:00 INT 4
18:00 Outdoor Cinema for children
19:00 Romanian 1: Adrian Sitaru
21:00 Outdoor Cinema
22:00 Festival Club

11:00 INT 5
13:00 NOR 6
15:00 INT 6
17:00 Meet the Filmmakers 3
18:00 Statement Too - Arvid Sletta & Jørn Utkilen
20:00 Romanian 2: Radu Jude
22:00 Narrative Music Videos
23:00 Festival Party

12:00 Norwegian Film Art 1980-89
15:00 Award ceremony and screening
18:00 Multiplié Dance Film
20:00 Short Treats 2
20:00 DansiT & Festival Club

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