Minimalen 2014
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Minimalen 2014

Festival 2014:
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  • International pan.
  • One-minute-films & EMU
  • EFA - Short Matters!
  • Artavazd Peleshyan
  • We're Different Now
  • Wes Anderson:
Sneak Preview
  • Children's Prog.
  • Regional & pitch
  •Norwegian Film Art:
The Sixties
  • Short Film Studies Symposium
  • Seminar: Surrealist ...

  • Awards 2014
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Call for entries:
  • Nordic Competition
  • International Panorama
  • Norwegian Competition
  • One-minute-films (Norwegian)
  • EMU: One-minute-films - Young (Norwegian)



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Wes Anderson: Sneak Preview

Minimalen is proud to present this sneak preview of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, in cooperation with Trondheim kino and 20th Century Fox Norge.

All the way back to the time of his breakthrough debut, Bottle Rocket, Wes Anderson has provided the world with one of its most original cinematic voices. His characteristic mix of nostalgic charm, a precise visual style, and an American brand of indie existentialism has excited a steadily growing group of fans.

The reports from this year’s Berlin Film Festival indicate that The Grand Budapest Hotel is yet another bulls eye. And yes, Owen Wilson and Bill Murray is in this one as well.

An additional side to Wes Anderson, and one which indeed makes him suitable for a short film festival, is the fact that steadily throughout his career, Wes Anderson has made shorts - often directly tied to the features. Thus, as a prerunner to The Grand Budapest Hotel, we screen Castello Cavalcanti, a Prada commissioned piece Anderson made last year. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy this goodie, which certainly is something more than an ordinary commercial.

Fredag/Friday 23:00

USA, ITL 2013 | Fic. | 8 min
Director: Wes Anderson


Tekniske problemer tvinger en sjåfør på Prada-laget til å kræsje i et torg i Castello Cavalcanti. Innbyggerne i den italienske landsbyen strømmer ut av baren for å hjelpe ham. Ulykken har en uventet positiv effekt.

Steering wheel failure causes a Prada team racing driver to crash on a square in Castello Cavalcanti. The Italian village's inhabitants rush out of the bar to help him. The accident has an unexpectedly positive effect.

Script: Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola | Camera: Darius Khondji | Music: Alessandro Casella, Randall Poster | Editing: Stephen Perkins | Cast: Jason Schwartzman, Giada Colagrande

Production: Roman Coppola, Jeremy Dawson, Julie Sawyer
Contact: Marta Monaco, e:

USA 2014 | Fic. | 99 min
Director: Wes Anderson


Om de eventyrlige opplevelsene til Gustave H, en legendarisk concierge ved et berømt europeisk hotell i mellomkrigstiden, og Zero Moustafa, hjelpegutten som ble hans mest pålitelige venn.

The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.

Script: Wes Anderson, Hugo Guinness | Camera: Robert D. Yeoman | Music: Alexandre Desplat | Editing: Barney Pilling | Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Saoirse Ronan, Edward Norton, Léa Seydoux, Jude Law, Owen Wilson

Contact: 20th Century Fox Norge

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Programme 2014
Nova Cinema, room 3

9:00 Seminar: Mid Nordic Co-production
10:00 EFA -
Short Matters! 1
12:00 Seminar:
Succeeding as a Filmmaker
14:00 Nordic 1
14:00 Mid Nordic Panorama
16:00 Norwegian 1
18:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 1
18:00 Mid Nordic Film Pitch
20:00 Regional Celebration Screening
21:30 Opening Party

10:00 Short Film Studies:
Call for Papers 2015
11:00 Short Film Studies Symposium
14:00 Nordic 2
16:00 Norwegian 2
18:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 2
19:00 EFA -
Short Matters! 2
21:00 International
Panorama 1
23:00 Festival Club

10:00 Childrens
Programme 1
10:00 Seminar: Surrealist Sources of Eastern European Animation
12:00 Childrens
Programme 2
12:00 One-minute-films
14:00 Nordic 3
16:00 Norwegian 3
18:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 3
19:00 Peleshyan 1:
21:00 International
Panorama 2
23:00 Wes Anderson:
Sneak Preview
1:00 Festival Club

11:00 Peleshyan 2:
13:00 Nordic 4
14:00 Peleshyan 3:
15:00 Norwegian 4
17:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 4
18:00 Peleshyan 4:
20:00 International
Panorama 3
22:00 Festival Club

11:00 Norwegian Film Art:
The Sixties
13:00 We're Different Now
15:00 Award ceremony
and screening
18:00 EFA -
Short Matters! 3
20:00 International
Panorama 4
22:00 Festival Club

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