Minimalen 2014
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Minimalen 2014

Festival 2014:
  • Norwegian Comp.
  • Nordic Comp.
  • International pan.
  • One-minute-films & EMU
  • EFA - Short Matters!
  • Artavazd Peleshyan
  • We're Different Now
  • Wes Anderson:
Sneak Preview
  • Children's Prog.
  • Regional & pitch
  •Norwegian Film Art:
The Sixties
  • Short Film Studies Symposium
  • Seminar: Surrealist ...

  • Awards 2014
  • Virtual Catalogue
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Call for entries:
  • Nordic Competition
  • International Panorama
  • Norwegian Competition
  • One-minute-films (Norwegian)
  • EMU: One-minute-films - Young (Norwegian)



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Minimalen Short Film Festival

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(International Panorama)
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The Seminal Shorts

The 26th Minimalen Short Film Festival proudly presents a cornucopia of new expressions in the shape of 230 films from Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th of March at Nova Cinema in Trondheim, Norway.

This year's programme promotes emerging Nordic voices, gives attention to one of film history's neglected geniuses and to pioneers within Norwegian film art, and embraces notable contributions from the world at large.

Get up close to the filmmaker in a masterclass with Artavazd Pelesjan, enjoy Wes Anderson's latest crooked antics and get a new perspective on modern classics in this year's symposium in cooperation with the journal Short Film Studies.

Go from premiere party to premiere party and be among the first to watch the seminal films. Afterwards, you can have a beer with the filmmakers at the Festival Club. Welcome to this year's film fest!

BeatGloria VictoriaUnderdog DreamUs

• Norwegian Competition
(4 programmes of 31 films from Norway)

• Nordic Competition
(4 programmes of 34 films from Denmark/Finland/Iceland/Sweden)

• International Panorama
(4 programmes of 31 films from the whole wide world)

• One-minute-films & EMU
(1 programme of 67 films from Norway)

• EFA - Short Matters!
(3 programmes of 15 Award winning films from Europa)

Wes Anderson: Sneak preview
A sneak preview of The Grand Budapest Hotel, in cooperation with Trondheim kino and 20th Century Fox Norge.

• Seminar: Surrealist Sources of Eastern European Animation
Surrealism is clearly visible in much of the Eastern European animation film. Why is that? The internationally acclaimed animation expert Ülo Pikkov from Estonia share his knowledge.

Children's Programmes
(2 programmes of films)


Artavazd Peleshyan (4 programmes)
Masterclass, symposium and a complete retrospective with the Armenian auteur director. A master that has revolutionized film language with his visionary, poetic works.

Short Film Studies Symposium #21
Two esteemed filmmakers help out picking their acclaimed short film apart to see how it works. A proper energizer for anyone who wants to understand or create a short film.

Regional Film Day & pitch (5 programmes)
Wednesday is dedicated to the regional film production, with Mid Nordic Film Pitch, two seminars, a panorama from Mid Nordic Film and a celebration screening in cooperation with Midtnorsk Filmsenter.

Norwegian Film Art: The Sixties
In cooperation with Atopia, we embark on a five year long journey through the history of Norwegian film art, decade by decade. We start out with the 60s, the decade when the free artistic short film became a concept, thus challenging the Norwegian film culture.

We're Different Now
A brand new Swedish short film series in six parts by our favourites Mårten Nilsson, Kim Hiorthøy and Gunilla Heilborn. Mårten Nilsson will guide us through the universe of the series.





• All Festival Access Pass: NOK 350
Gives access to all the programmes* and events.
For sale at Nova kinosenter from Wednesday March 12th.
Student: NOK 250.

• Punch card (5 tickets): NOK 200
Access to 5 programmes (each a batch of approx. 90 minutes of short films).
Available at all the cinemas in Trondheim, and through the webshop.

• Single ticket: NOK 75
Access to a single programme (a batch of approx. 90 minutes of short films).
Available at all the cinemas in Trondheim, and through the webshop.


* Provided that there are seats available, get a ticket for each programme (for free) to be on the safe side.

Questions? Contact Minimalen:, or phone (+47) 7352 2757.

Programme 2014
Nova Cinema, room 3

9:00 Seminar: Mid Nordic Co-production
10:00 EFA -
Short Matters! 1
12:00 Seminar:
Succeeding as a Filmmaker
14:00 Nordic 1
14:00 Mid Nordic Panorama
16:00 Norwegian 1
18:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 1
18:00 Mid Nordic Film Pitch
20:00 Regional Celebration Screening
21:30 Opening Party

10:00 Short Film Studies:
Call for Papers 2015
11:00 Short Film Studies Symposium
14:00 Nordic 2
16:00 Norwegian 2
18:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 2
19:00 EFA -
Short Matters! 2
21:00 International
Panorama 1
23:00 Festival Club

10:00 Childrens
Programme 1
10:00 Seminar: Surrealist Sources of Eastern European Animation
12:00 Childrens
Programme 2
12:00 One-minute-films
14:00 Nordic 3
16:00 Norwegian 3
18:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 3
19:00 Peleshyan 1:
21:00 International
Panorama 2
23:00 Wes Anderson:
Sneak Preview
1:00 Festival Club

11:00 Peleshyan 2:
13:00 Nordic 4
14:00 Peleshyan 3:
15:00 Norwegian 4
17:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 4
18:00 Peleshyan 4:
20:00 International
Panorama 3
22:00 Festival Club

11:00 Norwegian Film Art:
The Sixties
13:00 We're Different Now
15:00 Award ceremony
and screening
18:00 EFA -
Short Matters! 3
20:00 International
Panorama 4
22:00 Festival Club

Changes might occur.

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