Minimalen 2014
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Minimalen 2014

Festival 2014:
  • Norwegian Comp.
  • Nordic Comp.
  • International pan.
  • One-minute-films & EMU
  • EFA - Short Matters!
  • Artavazd Peleshyan
  • We're Different Now
  • Wes Anderson:
Sneak Preview
  • Children's Prog.
  • Regional & pitch
  •Norwegian Film Art:
The Sixties
  • Short Film Studies Symposium
  • Seminar: Surrealist ...

  • Awards 2014
  • Virtual Catalogue
  » Download catalogue (pdf)

Call for entries:
  • Nordic Competition
  • International Panorama
  • Norwegian Competition
  • One-minute-films (Norwegian)
  • EMU: One-minute-films - Young (Norwegian)



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Minimalen Short Film Festival

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(International Panorama)
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Norwegian Competition

New Norwegian shorts compete for several awards. At the same time, they compete for the Nordic awards together with the films in the section Nordic Competition.

• Submission closed (deadline was December 1, 2013).
• Max running time: 30 minutes.
• Budget limit: None.
• The competition films also participate in the Nordic Comp.

The selection is available here >

All directors with accepted films will be invited.

How to participate:

Submission closed.



For already submitted films, send one still (marked with the reference number) to

Postal address:
Minimalen, Kjøpmannsg. 35, NO-7011 Trondheim, Norway.





• Best Norwegian Film
incl. NOK 5000 given by Zalando

• Best Prerunner
given by Trondheim kino

Rules for participation in the Norwegian Competition

Types: All categories of film can participate, with the exception of promotional films.

Running time: Must not exceed 30 minutes.

Produced: After 1 January 2012, with a Norwegian* producer or director. The same film can only be entered once.

Submission deadline: 1 December 2013.

a) If submitted through Reelport, the film and a still from the film must by then be completely uploaded and available for evaluation by the festival team.
b) If submitted directly, the Festival Office must by then have received the following material for each submitted film:
1) DVD screener of the film (Norwegian or English language version, marked with reference number, title, and contact person)
2) A completed registration on the web
3) A still from the film (included on a CD-R, or sent to
e-mail:, marked with reference number)

Return of DVD screener: Will not be returned.

Selection: A preselection jury will consider each film. The result will be announced at the festival website by January 15th. Reasons for refusal will not be made public.

Screening copy: For selected films a screening copy must have been received at the festival office no later than March 1st. Master is not accepted. Format of the screening copy can be DCP, HD file ** or 35 mm film. If necessary, video can be considered (HDCam, DigiBeta PAL, DVD PAL). Note: English language version or subtitles (due to an international jury).

Return of screening copy: Within two weeks after the festival.

Awards: The selection of the winners of the Norwegian competition will be made by a jury appointed by the organizer. There will be at least two awards, one of which is Best Norwegian film.
The competing Norwegian films will be considered for the Nordic Awards along with the films in the Nordic Competition section.

Accreditation: Each director of all the selected films are entitled to an accreditation, which is personal and non-transferable, and provides access to all Minimalen programmes and events.


** HD file:
The screening copy can be a Quicktime HD file with Codec Apple Prores 422 HQ (HD 1080p, 2 ch. audio).

Get in touch if you need more info, e-mail for all competitions:

Minimalen Short Film Festival
Foundation, Norwegian Organization No. NO 983 418 767 MVA
Address: Kjøpmannsgata 35, NO-7011 Trondheim, Norway
Social: |

Festival map here >

Programme 2014
Nova Cinema, room 3

9:00 Seminar: Mid Nordic Co-production
10:00 EFA -
Short Matters! 1
12:00 Seminar:
Succeeding as a Filmmaker
14:00 Nordic 1
14:00 Mid Nordic Panorama
16:00 Norwegian 1
18:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 1
18:00 Mid Nordic Film Pitch
20:00 Regional Celebration Screening
21:30 Opening Party

10:00 Short Film Studies:
Call for Papers 2015
11:00 Short Film Studies Symposium
14:00 Nordic 2
16:00 Norwegian 2
18:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 2
19:00 EFA -
Short Matters! 2
21:00 International
Panorama 1
23:00 Festival Club

10:00 Childrens
Programme 1
10:00 Seminar: Surrealist Sources of Eastern European Animation
12:00 Childrens
Programme 2
12:00 One-minute-films
14:00 Nordic 3
16:00 Norwegian 3
18:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 3
19:00 Peleshyan 1:
21:00 International
Panorama 2
23:00 Wes Anderson:
Sneak Preview
1:00 Festival Club

11:00 Peleshyan 2:
13:00 Nordic 4
14:00 Peleshyan 3:
15:00 Norwegian 4
17:00 Meet the Filmmmakers 4
18:00 Peleshyan 4:
20:00 International
Panorama 3
22:00 Festival Club

11:00 Norwegian Film Art:
The Sixties
13:00 We're Different Now
15:00 Award ceremony
and screening
18:00 EFA -
Short Matters! 3
20:00 International
Panorama 4
22:00 Festival Club

Changes might occur.

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