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NOR: Nordic & Norwegian Competition

Competition for new Nordic shorts, to be screened in 6 programmes (with approx. 40 films, of which one half will be from Norway and the other half from the other Nordic countries).

• Submission is OPEN.
• Final deadline: October 1
• Max running time: 30 minutes.
• Origin: The Nordic Countries (i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden as country of production OR Director citizenship)

All directors with accepted films will be invited.


Submissions are handled through FilmFreeway.


Go to FilmFreeway Minimalen submission platform


The NOR Award Jury:

• Best Nordic Film
The Minimalen Trophy, and
EUR 1 000.

• Best Nordic Fiction, Documentary, Art or Animation: Diplomas (one or more films chosen complementary to the category of the film chosen as 'Best Film')

• Best Norwegian Film
The Minimalen Trophy, and
NOK 5 000. Furthermore, this film (as well as one Honorable Mention) is automatically nominated in the Short Films Category of the annual, national Amanda Award (provided that the film comply with the Amanda committee nomination rules).

Other awards:

• The Raskin Spirit Festival Award
A film selected from INT or NORby the festival team. Established to celebrate the unique qualities of a compact, poetic short film that make use of the visual and auditive possibilities in an imaginative way, and do not follow the traditional feature film dramaturgy. The winner is presented with The Minimalen Trophy.

• Best Norwegian Prerunner
Trondheim kino will select one Norwegian film, approx. 5 min, to be screened before a feature film at Trondheim kino for one month.

Rules for participation in the Nordic Competition

Types: All categories of film can participate, except commercials.

Running time: Not more than 30 minutes.

Produced: In 2022 or 2023, with a Nordic* director or main producer. Each particular film can only be submitted once.

Submission deadline: October 1.
The film must be completely uploaded and available offline for evaluation by the festival team.

Selection: A preselection committee will consider each submitted film, and may do additional selection by invitation, up until the selection announcement date. A list of the selected films will be available on the festival's website no later than one month before the festival. No reasons for films not being selected will be made public. A film cannot be withdrawn from the competition programme after its selection has been confirmed.

Screening copy/print: For selected films, a DCP screening copy must be received at the festival office by the communicated deadline. Masters are not accepted. If the file delivered is a HD file**, the festival will convert this to DCP (this DCP is only for this single purpose, and will be deleted after the festival). Note: English language version or subtitles.

Return of Screening copy: Within two weeks after the festival closure.

Awards: The organizers will nominate an international Award Jury of three members. The festival is responsible for awarding the above mentioned prizes to the directors of the winning films.

Invitation and accreditation: All directors for selected films will be invited. One accreditation for each individual director, which is personal and non-transferable, and gives access to all of the events during Minimalen.

For further information, please contact us at e-mail:

The Nordic Countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden - including Greenland, Faroe Islands, Åland.

* Definition of "film from a Nordic country"
a) The film has at least one citizen of a Nordic country credited as a director.
b) The film is shot in one of the Nordic countries and has been produced or majority coproduced by a Nordic company, or is in receipt of at least 51% of its budget from Nordic sources. In the latter case, the film must also include sufficient creative elements from the Nordic country – having strong
Nordic-related subject matter.

** HD file:
If you do not have a DCP, the screening copy can be a Quicktime HD file with Codec Apple Prores 422 HQ (HD 1080p, 2 ch. audio). The festival will produce a DCP for preliminary use (which will be deleted after the festival, and not be available for anyone else).

Minimalen Short Film Festival
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Address: Kjøpmannsgata 35, NO-7011 Trondheim, Norway
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