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Award winners at Minimalen 2017

International Competition

Best International Film - The Minimalen Trophy and 1000 euro given by Minimalen
LIMBO by Konstantina Kotzamani [FRA, GRE]

The jury were impressed by the pure cinematic power of this film. From its opening shot the assuredness of the director was clear as she conveyed her transcendent narrative, one dealing intensely with matters of death and of life. With Limbo the director opens up the possibility of a new cinematic language.

Honorable Mentions
DEAR LORDE by Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby [MEX, ZAF, CAN, USA]

This is a warm, humorous, and important portrait of a teenage girl asking, with optimism, questions about life and love and family. The film’s rich visual, musical, and textual inventiveness give us access to the character’s lively mind, her honesty and her humanity.

MORIOM by Mark Olexa and Francesca Scalisi [CHE]

In Moriom we are confronted, in close-up, with a young woman and her family and the trauma which has affected them so deeply. We greatly admired the concise visual style of this short documentary in revealing Moriom and her otherworldly response to her situation.

TUESDAY (SALI) by Ziya Demirel [TUR]

The film, with great economy, produces sensitive drama from the everyday. Tuesday depicts, without insistence, the daily life of a young woman, her small and greater struggles, and her youthful spirit and admirable resilience.

Jury: Marte Vold (NOR), Dieter Wieczorek (DEU,FRA), Mick Hannigan (IRL).

Audience Award - 500 euro given by Kristiania University College Trondheim
TIMECODE by Juanjo Giménez [ESP]

Nordic and Norwegian Competition

Best Norwegian Film - The Minimalen Trophy and 5.000 kroner given by NTNU Dept. of Art and Media Studies
RETRACT (RETRETT) by Itonje Søimer Guttormsen [NOR]

A minimalist character study where form perfectly matches the content. Fragmented scenes and the disruptive camera movements along with the lead actress’ brilliant performance allow the audience to follow the protagonists psycological state trying to find her place in the world. Poignant and unconventional, with well balanced humor, this film tells a timeless story of the quest for affirmation and the inability to connect with society.

Best Nordic Film - The Minimalen Trophy and 1.000 euro given by Minimalen
RETRACT (RETRETT) by Itonje Søimer Guttormsen [NOR]

A minimalist character study where form perfectly matches the content. Fragmented scenes and the disruptive camera movements along with the lead actress’ brilliant performance allow the audience to follow the protagonists psycological state trying to find her place in the world. Poignant and unconventional, with well balanced humor, this film tells a timeless story of the quest for affirmation and the inability to connect with society.

Best Nordic Fiction
6A by Peter Modestij [SWE]

This film depicts social behavior on the small scale while at the same time addressing the inherent problems of democracy. The naturalistic style and up close camerawork put the audience out of their comfort zone and in the middle of a difficult and awkward situation. The adults leave their kids to solve their problems on their own, much the same as the audience are left to their own devices in figuring out how to end this film. This short fiction feels almost like a documentary.

Best Nordic Animation

This film is a great analysis of the emerging Internet Gaming Disorder. The film uses animation to bring the audience into the world of the gamers and allows us to meet them through their avatars. The juxtaposition of the «IRL world» and the gaming world points to the blurring borders of reality and personal identity.

Best Nordic Documentary

This film is not easy to watch. The filmmaker has an important story to tell, and found a simple, yet precise approach that is both elegant and gross at the same time. The film speaks to the viewer in several layers. A voice-over gives us factual information as well as a very subjective story about living with an eating disorder. The visual style is poetic yet concrete as we are presented with food in much the same way as we imagine it presents itself to the protagonist: as something dirty that will taint the clean and pristine original image.

Honorable Mentions, Norwegian Competition
THE COMMITTEE by Gunhild Enger and Jenni Toivoniemi  [NOR, FIN, SWE]

Fortunately art doesn’t always imitate life. This nordic cooperation resulted in a funny and true depiction of cultural bureaucracy among the well meaning, political correct nordic nations. Well written, well played, an absurd comedy with depth and universal appeal.

Honorable Mentions, Nordic Competition
HOW THEY DANCE 2 (HVORDAN DE DANSER 2) by Jesper Ravn Nielsen [DNK]

Simple, funny and humane, following in the tradition of Danish filmmaking, studying the phenomenon of the Perfect Man.

Jury: Vibeke Heide (NOR), Mikhail Zheleznikov (RUS), Daniel Vadocky (CZE).

Best Norwegian Prerunner - To be screened before a feature film at Trondheim kino for one month, selected by Trondheim kino.
CRYING MAN by Jorunn Myklebust Syversen

The award goes to a sober production, where everything takes place within one take with a fixed camera position. Within 5 minutes the film invites to wonder and chuckling, but also to sympathize with a man who is obviously not enjoying his life. The character gestalted by Anders Christiansen Baasmo literally fights with his feelings – in a landscape that is perceived both as familiar and alien. He awakes our curiousity, and we sincerely hope that he will prevail.

One-minute-film Competition

Best One-minute-film YOUNG - Audience Award, 3.000 kroner given by Midtnorsk Filmsenter
UHELLET by Marit Selbæk, Lasse Amundsen, Therese Aarmo Jensen and Kasper Kam

Best One-minute-film - Audience Award, the trophy Den Gyldne Saks 2.0
REFLEKSJON by Valerijs Goloveckis, Mari Broch Furunes, Ulrik Anker-Nilssen and Aleksander Aahjem Pedersen


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We hope you will join us in creating a great festival 25. – 29. januar 2017. As a volunteer you will meet other film enthusiasts and work in a great environment with other dedicated people.

You?ll get a festival pass and free access to all events during the festival.

We need volunteers for these tasks:

  • Poster and catalog distribution

  • Cinema hosts

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  • Festival photographers

  • Drivers

We expect that you show up on time in a good mood and do your best. The amount of work is approximately 15 hours spread over several days.

Sign up as volunteer here. There you will find more information about the different tasks.

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Award Winners at Minimalen 2016

International Competition

Jury: Richard Raskin (USA, DNK), Hannes Vartiainen (FIN), Arna Marie Bersås (NOR).

  • Best International Film- incl. EUR 1 000 from Minimalen
    ZEPO av César Díaz Meléndez [ESP]

The film tells a meaningful and unpredictable story in a remarkably innovative and skillful manner, and with the breathtaking economy found in the very best short films.

  • Honorable mention
    TIK TAK (TICK TACK) by Ülo Pikkov [EST]

Strikingly precise animation does justice to the hilarious, even bizarre storyline. True craftmanship.

  • Honorable mention
    BLOOD BELOW THE SKIN by Jennifer Reeder [USA]

An intensive dive into the world of teenagers. Skillful, precise writing and brilliant performances by the young actors make this 30-minute story feel like a true short film.

  • Audience Award- incl. EUR 500 from Minimalen
    WE CANT LIVE WITHOUT COSMOS by Konstantin Bronzit [RUS]

Norwegian and Nordic Competition

Jury: Thom Palmen (NED, SWE, LVA), Stina Wangler (DEU), Jørn Utkilen (NOR).

  • Best Nordic Film - incl. EUR 1 000 from Minimalen
    SMALL TALK by Even Hafnor and Lisa Brooke Hansen [NOR]

A major rule in short filmmaking: Dont have too many characters. This film surprisingly proves an exception. It portrays a large family as a collective rather then a group of individuals. The three generations co-exist but hardly ever connect and their lack of affection is apparent throughout. The film depicts the absurd contrast between the family and the idealized presentation of the city in a magnificent ironic way. The director captures this micro society with sharpness, great understanding and subtle humor.

  • Best Nordic Fiction Film
    SMALL TALK by Even Hafnor and Lisa Brooke Hansen [NOR]


  • Best Nordic Art Film
    SEVEN BOATS by Hlynur Pálmason [DNK, ISL]

In one single shot the story, in what seems a simple set up, metaphorically puts the question about our social behavior. The director accurately addresses our tendency to look the other way rather then help the person in need. A Problem that can easily be transferred to more universal issues.

  • Best Nordic Documentary
    MEDITATION ON DARKNESS by Jørgen Johansen [NOR]

An observation in light, a journey through the night in a film than can only truly come to its full right on a large cinema screen. As spectator we can feel an elaborate meditative state of being present.

  • Best Norwegian Film – incl. NOK 5 000 from Minimalen
    BEYOND THE PALE by Line Hatland [NOR]

In successful merge between classical documentary style and narrative filmmaking, the director manages to reveal peoples dark thoughts usually not talked about: The fear of giving in to our urges of the forbidden. The visual style and the optimistic tone go excellently well together with the grim humor behind each individual story.

  • Honorary mention
    KAMELEON (CHAMELEON) by Christina Lande [NOR]

The characters engagement, interaction in the story, the will to experiment and the films visual style all contribute to a fresh and interesting way of filmmaking. With this special mention we would like to encourage the filmmaker to continue working and refining the way to reveal her reality to an audience.


The Trondheim kino Award

  • Best Pre-runner
    ANJA – ECHO by Aurora Gossé [NOR]

About the sweetest and most touching elephant we can remember having seen on the big screen since Dumbo. The film examines what it is to stand out from the crowd and to feel left out. The images provide a nice backdrop to a rich musical soundscape, and the story invites to recognition and empathy. In the role of the little girl who realizes she is not like the other children, we find a young talent with great charisma. The ending is poetic, playful and full of hope – and appeals to all ages.

  • Honorable mention
    PROCESS: BREATH by Line K. Johansen [NOR]

A visually stunning, stylized and beautiful love story.



  • One-minute Young – incl. NOK 3 000 from Midtnorsk filmsenter
    REFLEKS by Vibeke Marstad, Daniel Almås Grønås, Maria Celine Basma, Fredrik Luis Westrum
  • One-minute films - Den Gyldne Saks
    FRITTGÅENDE by Finn Walther and Jon Vatne


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Award Winners at Minimalen 2015

Norwegian Competition

Prerunner: Prerunner to be screened at Trondheim Kino for one month, chosen by Trondheim Kino.

Special Mention:

  • ALL IN by Line Klungseth Johansen and Øystein Moe

Best Prerunner:

  • THE BRIGHT SIDE by Thomas Lind

Jury Nordic and Norwegian Competition: Juhani Alanen, Karsten Meinich and Cecilie Bjørnaraa

Special Mention:


This film?s unfiltered and unpretentious portrait of a primary school class from the little village Akkarfjord filled us with joy and energy. The director manages to successfully convey the children?s sparkling personalities, and the film enables interesting reflections about what it means to be Norwegian. 

Best Norwegian Film: 5.000 NOK from Minimalen


There is something mysterious about mankind?s rites of passage. The journey from being a child to becoming an adult is part of the necessity of life, and countless coming of age films have strived to describe this phase of human existence. The award for best Norwegian short film goes to a coming-of-age narrative that convincingly shows us a young girl?s perplexed and confused introduction to the adult world. The narrative is centered on a father-daughter drama that becomes the starting point for a larger cinematic universe where the protagonist?s experiences are conveyed through brilliant use of location, imagery that is created consistently and coherently, and an expressive use of sound design. The girl?s journey draws us in close as we are rocking with the Ferry?s cabins and corridors, all in keeping with an ideal of precision and restraint that characterizes the filmic short. The film introduces a number of new and talented filmmakers in every step of the production, and is indeed a sign of a promising future for Norwegian filmmaking. 

Nordic Competition

Special Mention:

  • ÁRTÚN by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson – Iceland, Denmark

Brilliant young actors bring life and authenticity to this conventional coming of age story centered on ?the first kiss,? with the director?s sensibility adding a somber note to the harsh realities of adolescence. 

Best Nordic Animation or Art Film: Trophy

  • A PAPER WORLD (PAPPERSVÄRLD) by Jöns Mellgren – Sweden

This film relates a strong and delicate recollection. The director has found a powerful expression for the cinematic journey between past and present. The technical and visual style of the animation brings to life the memories of a dramatic event that the main character cannot forget. The film creates a unique universe that is both tender and brutal, and that is able to brilliantly balance the narrative gravity with visual ingenuity. 

Best Nordic documentary: Trophy

  • EMBRYO by Emma Thorsander – Sweden

This film approaches an important issue, quietly and forcefully. We hear five women tell us the stories of their abortions. Their reflections are honest and open, and it reminds us of all the individual lives that are touched by this choice. The film also circles around how things could have been different, and thus creates multiple ways of understanding the stories. The visual style is careful yet expressive, and gently emphasizes the existential dilemmas that are present in each and every one of the women?s situations. 

Best Nordic Fiction Film: Trophy


What does it mean to see? This formally accomplished film returns to this simple yet important question in a number of ways by challenging both our gaze as audience and the characters? view of themselves and their surroundings. The film is about a young woman who finds her identity through the lens of a camera her newly deceased grandfather left behind. The director begins with this simple starting point and weaves a visual portrait that allows the main character?s development – and it?s concretization though the camera – to create beautiful visual metaphors and to intertwine the bonds between three generations in a little family where many things have gone unsaid. The director manages to say something about what is inside by focusing on appearances, and proves herself as an impressive director of actors.  

Best Nordic Film: Trophy + 1.000 Euro from Minimalen

  • XENOS by Mahdi Fleifel – Denmark, U.K., Greece

This film hits you right in the guts, both thematically and emotionally, by forcefully describing a very important topic. The director uses a rough yet intimate formal language to bring us up close to people living on the edge in Europe?s backyard; a small community of male refugees who have made it to Greece, but lives in a limbo where both the hope of a better life and the memories of their home country are distant dreams. The film?s point of view shows the vulnerability of the refugees? situation from within, and the use of footage from cell phone cameras and telephone conversations creates an intimacy that yields strong compassion and empathy for the characters in the film. 

 International Panorama

Awdience Award: 500 Euro from Minimalen

  • SYMPHONY NO. 42 by Reka Bucsi – Hungary

FICC-jury: Agnieszka Zajac, Anil Kumar Jain and Renate Kroken.

Special Mention:

  • LA PART DE L’OMBRE by Olivier Smolders – Belgium, France

An amazing story about an extraordinary artist, who was forgotten for years.

  • BOLES by Spela Cadez – Slovenia, Germany

An animated story that come to life through the incredible details of the characters.

FICC Award Don Quixote


The jury chose this film because it utilizes, in great extent, the atmosphere of a confined space. Especially by the use of sound and the interaction between the main characters.

 One-minute-films YOUNG: Awdience Award, 3.000 NOK from Midtnorsk Filmsenter

  • HALLUSINASJON by Ole Henry Snildalsli, Madeleine Bunæs, Ida Marie Eidem and Nathalie Schjerve Rønning

One-minute-films: Awdience Award, Den Gyldne Saks

  • VELKOMMEN HJEM BROR by Finn Walther


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Award Winners at the 26th Minimalen Short Film Festival

International Panorama

Audience Award: 500 euro from Minimalen.

  • CURFEW by Shawn Christensen – USA

Don Quixote Award, chosen by the FICC-jury: Atle Hunnes Isaksen, Daniela Fend, Carles Font Garcia.

  • THE DEVIL by Jean-Gabriel Périot – France

The prize goes to an experimental documentary, which consists of two parts: Archive footage and music mixed together by a powerful score and a series of political speeches involving us into different groups of the civil rights movement. The aesthetics are determined by the use of archive material, which is shown with a lot of cohesion and coherence in a very creative way. It consciously conveys its focus mainly on society issues and transfers it into a compact poetical intellectual montage, which can even give you a physical reaction. The jury has also valued its strength, rhythm, compressed time and its untendentious way of communicating its theme.

Norwegian competition

Beste Prerunner: Prerunner to be screened at Trondheim kino for one month, chosen by Trondheim Kino

  • CHANGING HANDS (Byttedagen) by Jøran Wærdahl og Vidar Dahl

Motivation in Norwegian:

Til en vellaget og vakker film med en fin melankolsk stemning. Tematikken skildres episodisk gjennom glidende bilder der hverdagslige hendelser trer frem i et nytt lys og kaller på ettertanken. Fortellemåten er lekker og gjennomtenkt: poetisk og presis på samme tid.

Jury Nordic and Norwegian Competition: Artsvi Bachchinyan, Oda Bhar, Roger Sellberg

 Best Norwegian: 5.000 kr from Zalando

  • BLAME IT ON THE SEAGULL (Det var ikke jeg, det var fiskmåsen) by Julie Engaas

A vivid combination of animation and intelligent monologue, revealing the external and internal everyday life of a not-quite-usual teenager. Together with him we discover how it may be possible to handle a tricky personal problem with humour and inventiveness. Without resorting to victimizing or overtly explanatory means, the filmmaker is making a psychological problem understandable to us, leaving us with a feeling that this could ? almost, happen to us all.

Nordic competition

Special mentions:

  • WHALE VALLEY (Hvalfjörður) by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

To a film about a highly moving brotherly relationship, dealing with personal risk and mutal responsibility in a sensitive and original way.

  • EATING LUNCH (Äta lunch) by Sanna Lenken

A simple, everyday situation makes us understand the real hell young people with eating disorders are going through.

  • EMERGENCY CALLS (Hätäkutsu) by Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen

An artistically very interesting attempt to tell about life and death in our world.


Best Nordic Animation or Art Film: Trophy

  • ELECTRIC SOUL by Joni Männistö – Finland

As children we sometimes create the most fantastic worlds. We imagine humans among the clouds, make angels in the snow, see lions in the wardrobe at night. It takes big imagination, a very special eye and enormously demading patience to create a world of dance and ballet from electronic and data components.


Best Nordic Documentary: Trophy

  • GROWING HOME (Se litt tilbake) by Trond Kvig Andreassen – Norway

To a film that takes us on a pleasant journey to a corner of the Western world that seems less touched by modern life. By means of a relaxed pace and warming characters it makes us reflect upon what makes up a good life. In our contemporary time of haste and commercial pressure it puts up a different reality. Without ever telling us how to think or decide, it brings up relevant questions of how to lead an analog life in a digital age, and whether it is possible to choose simple living in this complicated world.


Best Nordic Fiction: Trophy

  • ON SUFFOCATION by Jenifer Malmqvist – Sweden

A powerful tale of love and hate, as well as the conflict between moral principles in human societies. This last act of tragedy-turned-love is expressed in a minimalistic and simple way, contrasting a grim reality with a deeper form of humanity. Instead of resorting to melodramatic means, the filmmaker has chosen metonymic elements to make us feel and think and empathize, leaving us in no doubt that a flipflop can signify humanness and vulnerablity.


Best Nordic Film: Trophy + 1.000 euro from Minimalen

  • FADING COLOURS (Fargene forsvant) by Hanne Martine Cotton Breivik – Norway

A fiction film that tells of human drama and empathy, without ever feeling manipulative, private or sentimental. The subject matter has documentary elements and possibly inspiration, but was made into a fiction in a very honest and touching way. It feels as if the filmmaker has taken a piece of reality and made it into a fictinal situation, and thereby hightened the dramatic and emphatic experience without loosing the sense of reality. We were deeply moved by the way in which the main actress stands out with poise and dignity in a demanding role of simplicity and directness. It is a story about professinal responsitility in the realm between life and death.

One-minute-films – YOUNG: Audience Award, 3.000 kr from Midtnorsk Filmsenter

  • THE SWAP by Nora F. Kverkild, Marianne Ross Glasø, Lauritz Kaasa, Ingunn Helland

One-Minute-Films: Audience Award, Den Gyldne Saks

  • HAN OG HUND by Finn Walther

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First programme released: EFA 2014

European Film Academy – European Film Award nominees

Under the heading Short Matters!, 15 award winners from European festivals are presented, all nominated for the European Film Awards 2013. The European Film Academy (EFA) is the organizer of this short film tour, with the intention of giving as many audiences as possible the opportunity to enjoy this panorama of young, contemporary European filmmaking. More info here:


THE WAVES (As Ondas)
Dir: Miguel Fonseca | PT 2012 | Fic | 22 min
Nominating festival: Ghent

DEATH OF A SHADOW (Dood van Een Schaduw)
Dir: Tom Van Avermaet | BE, FR 2012 | Fic | 20 min
Nominating festival: Valladolid

Dir: Cathy Brady | GB, IE 2012 | Fic | 21 min
Nominating festival: Cork

Dir: Omar Robert Hamilton | EG, Palestine, GB 2013 | Fic | 20 min
Nominating festival: Rotterdam

JUMP (Skok)
Dir: Petar Valchanov, Kristina Grozeva | BG 2012 | Fic | 30 min
Nominating festival: Clermont-Ferrand

MISTERY (Misterio)
Dir: Chema García Ibarra | ES 2013 | Fic | 12 min
Nominating festival: Berlin

SUNDAY 3 (Sonntag 3)
Dir: Jochen Kuhn | DE 2012 | Ani | 14 min
Nominating festival: Tampere

Dir: Sergei Loznitsa | RU 2012 | Doc | 20 min
Nominating festival: Krakow

NUCLEAR WASTE (Yaderni Wydhody)
Dir: Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy | UA 2012 | Fic | 25 min
Nominating festival: Grimstad

Dir: Christoph Girardet, Matthias Mueller | DE 2013 | Exp | 12 min
Nominating festival: Vila do Conde

Dir: Cristina Picchi | RU 2013 | Doc | 12 min
Nominating festival: Locarno

Dir: Sergio Oksman | ES 2012 | Doc | 26 min
Nominating festival: Sarajevo

Dir: Bülent Öztürk | BE, FR 2013 | Fic | 15 min
Nominating festival: Venice

Dir: Hu Wei | CN, FR 2013 | Fic | 15 min
Nominating festival: Drama

Dir: Jamie Stone | GB 2013 | Fic | 20 min
Nominating festival: Bristol

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Awards 2013

Awards – Nordic Competition

Four films were awarded by the jury. All the winners receive a Nordic Competition Trophy. Please note that the films in the Norwegian Competition also participated.

 Best Nordic Film, incl. EUR 1000 donated by Minimalen
All Hallows’ Week (Hiljainen viikko) by Jussi Hiltunen – Finland
Jury statement:”A touching, toned down drama with a brutal opening and an important message.  The film depicts intense individual struggles with good acting and a dense cinematic narration in a way that moved the jury deeply.”

 Best Nordic Fiction
The Date (Treffit) by  Jenni Toivoniemi – Finland
Jury statement:”A simple, short story told in a efficient, pure and humoristic way. The cats are doing what any human would only dream to do.”

 Best Nordic Documentary:
Gates of Life (Häivähdys elämää) by Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen – Finland
Jury statement:”The jury experienced an immediate fascination for the use of the intriguing visual technique. The technique itself becomes a language that underlines the emotional meeting between people.”

 Best Nordic Animation or Art Film:
Space Stallions by Thorvaldur Gunnarsson – Danmark
Jury statement:”This over-the-top animation caught the jury by complete surprise with it’s wit, irony and reference imagery. An animation award brought to you from a galaxy far, far away.”

The competition consisted of 31 Nordic (non-Norwegian) films, along with 29 of the Norwegian films in Norwegian Competition.


Awards – Norwegian Competition

One film was awarded by the jury.

Best Norwegian Film: A diploma and NOK 5000 donated by Minimalen.
Å åpne, å se (To Open, to See) by Camilla Figenschou
Jury statement:”This bold and sensitive film, shot in a playful manner, presents us with a physical experience of human behaviour and curiosity. The jury was impressed by the naturalistic, yet unconventional meeting between nature and the children in the film.”
Honorable Mentions:
Å vokte fjellet (To Guard a Mountain) by Izer Aliu
Jury statement:”A well done classical short fiction that explores family relations both in the context of society and on an individual level. The jury appreciates how the complexity of the characters gradually unfolds.”

One film was awarded by Trondheim kino.

Best Prerunner: One month as a prerunner at Trondheim kino.

  • En forestilling by Liv Mari Mortensen

Jury statement:”En bittersøt liten fortelling, som i løpet av bare to minutter formidler en nyanseerik opplevelse av hjertesorg og forstillelse. Filmen er moden og gjennomarbeidet og har et godt sluttpoeng. Fortellemåten er effektiv, og det lille trekantdramaet har fine rolletolkninger. Filmen vil fungere utmerket som forfilm på kino.”

The competition consisted of 30 Norwegian films.

Awards – One-minute-films

Audience Award: The challenge cup ‘Den Gyldne Saks’
Death by Unga Bunga – Feel Alright by Kenneth Karlstad
11 Norwegian flms participated.
Award – EMU: One-minute-films Young

Audience Award: The Silver Scissors Diploma and NOK 3000 donated by Midtnorsk filmsenter.

Compleanno by Odin Norum Kvistad
12 Norwegian films participated.

Award – International Panorama

Audience Award: EUR 500 donated by Minimalen.
The Chief (Il Capo) by Yuri Ancarani
27 international films participated.

The award jury for Norwegian and Nordic Competition:
LAURENT GUERRIER (b. 1971, France)
GUNHILD ENGER (b. 1980, Norway)
EIRIK SVENSSON (b. 1983, Norway)

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