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Minimalen 2016

Festival 2016:
  Schedule (pdf)
International Comp.
Nordic & Norwegian Comp.
EFA - Short Matters!
One-minute-films & EMU
Romanian New Wave
Short Treats
The Secret World of Moths
Statement Too:
Arvid Sletta & Jørn Utkilen
Multiplié Dance Film
Narrative Music Videos
Children's Prog.
Regional: Premieres & seminar
Norwegian Art Film:
The 80s
Short Film Studies Symposium
Outdoor Cinema: Cancelled!

  Awards 2016
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Call for entries:
International Comp.
Nordic & Norwegian Competition
One-minute-films (Norwegian)
EMU: One-minute-films - Young (Norwegian)



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The 25th Minimalen Short Film Festival
February 27 - March 3, 2013

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Awards 2013

Awards – Nordic Competition

Four films were awarded by the jury. All the winners receive a Nordic Competition Trophy. Please note that the films in the Norwegian Competition also participated.

 Best Nordic Film, incl. EUR 1000 donated by Minimalen
All Hallows’ Week (Hiljainen viikko) by Jussi Hiltunen – Finland
Jury statement:”A touching, toned down drama with a brutal opening and an important message.  The film depicts intense individual struggles with good acting and a dense cinematic narration in a way that moved the jury deeply.”

 Best Nordic Fiction
The Date (Treffit) by  Jenni Toivoniemi – Finland
Jury statement:”A simple, short story told in a efficient, pure and humoristic way. The cats are doing what any human would only dream to do.”

 Best Nordic Documentary:
Gates of Life (Häivähdys elämää) by Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen – Finland
Jury statement:”The jury experienced an immediate fascination for the use of the intriguing visual technique. The technique itself becomes a language that underlines the emotional meeting between people.”

 Best Nordic Animation or Art Film:
Space Stallions by Thorvaldur Gunnarsson – Danmark
Jury statement:”This over-the-top animation caught the jury by complete surprise with it’s wit, irony and reference imagery. An animation award brought to you from a galaxy far, far away.”

The competition consisted of 31 Nordic (non-Norwegian) films, along with 29 of the Norwegian films in Norwegian Competition.


Awards – Norwegian Competition

One film was awarded by the jury.

Best Norwegian Film: A diploma and NOK 5000 donated by Minimalen.
Å åpne, å se (To Open, to See) by Camilla Figenschou
Jury statement:”This bold and sensitive film, shot in a playful manner, presents us with a physical experience of human behaviour and curiosity. The jury was impressed by the naturalistic, yet unconventional meeting between nature and the children in the film.”
Honorable Mentions:
Å vokte fjellet (To Guard a Mountain) by Izer Aliu
Jury statement:”A well done classical short fiction that explores family relations both in the context of society and on an individual level. The jury appreciates how the complexity of the characters gradually unfolds.”

One film was awarded by Trondheim kino.

Best Prerunner: One month as a prerunner at Trondheim kino.
En forestilling by Liv Mari Mortensen

Jury statement:”En bittersøt liten fortelling, som i løpet av bare to minutter formidler en nyanseerik opplevelse av hjertesorg og forstillelse. Filmen er moden og gjennomarbeidet og har et godt sluttpoeng. Fortellemåten er effektiv, og det lille trekantdramaet har fine rolletolkninger. Filmen vil fungere utmerket som forfilm på kino.”

The competition consisted of 30 Norwegian films.


Awards – One-minute-films

Audience Award: The challenge cup ‘Den Gyldne Saks’
Death by Unga Bunga – Feel Alright by Kenneth Karlstad
11 Norwegian flms participated.


Award – EMU: One-minute-films Young

Audience Award: The Silver Scissors Diploma and NOK 3000 donated by Midtnorsk filmsenter.

Compleanno by Odin Norum Kvistad
12 Norwegian films participated.


Audience Award: EUR 500 donated by Minimalen.
The Chief (Il Capo) by Yuri Ancarani

27 international films participated.

The Award Jury for The Norwegian and Nordic Competition:

LAURENT GUERRIER (b. 1971, France)
GUNHILD ENGER (b. 1980, Norway)
EIRIK SVENSSON (b. 1983, Norway)

Award Sponsors:

Awards Sponsors 2012

Programme 2016
Nova Cinema, 1, 2 & 3

10:00 EFA 1: Short Matters!
12:00 NOR 1
14:00 INT 1
16:00 NOR 2
18:00 Regional Premieres
20:00 Short Treats 1
20:00 Reception & opening party
22:00 Festival Club

10:00 Children’s Programme 1
10:00 EFA 2: Short Matters!
11:00 Animation Workshop
12:00 Children’s Programme 2
12:00 INT 2
14:00 NOR 3
15:00 Regional Film Education
16:00 Meet the Filmmakers 1
17:00 Short Film Studies Symposium
19:00 NOR 4
21:00 Masterclass: The Secret World of Moths
23:00 Festival Club

10:00 Conflight
10:00 EFA 3: Short Matters!
12:00 One-minute-films & EMU
12:00 INT 3
14:00 NOR 5
16:00 Meet the Filmmakers 2
17:00 INT 4
18:00 Outdoor Cinema for children
19:00 Romanian 1: Adrian Sitaru
21:00 Outdoor Cinema
22:00 Festival Club

11:00 INT 5
13:00 NOR 6
15:00 INT 6
17:00 Meet the Filmmakers 3
18:00 Statement Too - Arvid Sletta & Jørn Utkilen
20:00 Romanian 2: Radu Jude
22:00 Narrative Music Videos
23:00 Festival Party

12:00 Norwegian Film Art 1980-89
15:00 Award ceremony and screening
18:00 Multiplié Dance Film
20:00 Short Treats 2
20:00 DansiT & Festival Club

Changes might occur.

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