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Minimalen 2016

Festival 2016:
  Schedule (pdf)
International Comp.
Nordic & Norwegian Comp.
EFA - Short Matters!
One-minute-films & EMU
Romanian New Wave
Short Treats
The Secret World of Moths
Statement Too:
Arvid Sletta & Jørn Utkilen
Multiplié Dance Film
Narrative Music Videos
Children's Prog.
Regional: Premieres & seminar
Norwegian Art Film:
The 80s
Short Film Studies Symposium
Outdoor Cinema: Cancelled!

  Awards 2016
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Call for entries:
International Comp.
Nordic & Norwegian Competition
One-minute-films (Norwegian)
EMU: One-minute-films - Young (Norwegian)



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The 21st Minimalen Short Film Festival
March 6 - 10, 2009

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Awards 2009

Awards - Norwegian Competition

Three films awarded by the Award Jury.

Best Norwegian Film: A diploma and NOK 10000 donated by Scanpix.
Jury statement: 'A film that creates its own striking universe, makes use of the full range of the medium's possibilities - especially regarding production design, camera work, sound design and acting, and that captures and holds the viewer's attention from the very first moment.'

Best Norwegian Fiction: 5 reels of 35 mm film stock donated by Kodak.
TWENDE by Lindsay Sanner
Jury statement: "A film of real magic, where the dialogue is remarkably well written and acted, and which involves an interplay between different characters, each being utterly convincing."

The Special Jury Award: A light kit (Ianiro Lilliput 9) donated by Video 4.
Jury statement: "A film opening the door to a world we knew little of, and which solve a narrative problem in an intriguing way, and unites to genres in a sort of 'animentary'."

Honorable mentions:
OH, MY GOD! by Anne Sewitsky
GJENNOM SMERTE by Ingrid Losnegaard
SKUDDENE PÅ ULLEVAAL by Daniel Rasmussen

32 Norwegian films screened, selected from 110 submissions. 2 screened Out of Competition.

Awards - Nordic Competition (NIFA):

All winners receive a NIFA-trophy and prize money from Nordic Culture Fund. Please note that also the films in Norwegian Competition participated.

NIFA Best Film (EUR 1250):
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by Aleksander Nordaas - Norway
Jury statement: 'A film that creates its own striking universe, makes use of the full range of the medium's possibilities - especially regarding production design, camera work, sound design and acting, and that captures and holds the viewer's attention from the very first moment.'

NIFA Best Documentary (EUR 250):
THE PENALTY BOX (KIINNIPITÄMINEN) by Arthur Franck og Oskar Forstén - Finland
Jury statement: 'A great and original story, told in an amusing and efficient way.'

NIFA Best Fiction (EUR 250):
2 BIRDS (SMÁFUGLAR) by Runar Runarsson - Iceland
Jury statement: 'A film that builds up for its final scenes, without words, deeply moving, extremely well made and cinematic - through the acting of the young couple.'

NIFA Best Animation or Art Film (EUR 250):
MY GRANDMOTHER BEIJING by Mats Grorud - Norway
Jury statement: 'A film that emotionally transfers the transformation of a world nation on to the face of a grandmother.'

Honorable mentions:
DENNIS by Mads Matthiesen - Denmark

Award - One-minute-film Competition

Audience Award: Challenge Cup "Den Gyldne Saks", and transfer to 35 mm film covered by Nordisk Film Post Production.
PÅ PERRONGEN by Solveig Sigmond


Award - International Panorama

Audience Award: EUR 500 given by Filmkick.
VARMINTS by Marc Craste - England

The Jury (Norwegian and Nordic Competition):

• Richard Raskin (b. 1941), Dr.Phil, Associate Professor at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, where he teaches screenwriting and is the editor of the film publication p.o.v. He has written several books, including The Art of the Short Fiction Film and Kortfilmen som fortælling.

• Anja Breien (b. 1940), director. Received international recognition with Hustruer (Wives, 1975), and has made numerous features and shorts, participating in Cannes, Venice and Berlin. Recently received the Liv Ullmann Honorary Award.

• Johan Clason (b. 1942), Senior Coordinator at The Norwegian Film School, Lillehammer. Long career as a production manager, assistant director, props manager and sound engineer in Swedish film industry.


Programme 2016
Nova Cinema, 1, 2 & 3

10:00 EFA 1: Short Matters!
12:00 NOR 1
14:00 INT 1
16:00 NOR 2
18:00 Regional Premieres
20:00 Short Treats 1
20:00 Reception & opening party
22:00 Festival Club

10:00 Children’s Programme 1
10:00 EFA 2: Short Matters!
11:00 Animation Workshop
12:00 Children’s Programme 2
12:00 INT 2
14:00 NOR 3
15:00 Regional Film Education
16:00 Meet the Filmmakers 1
17:00 Short Film Studies Symposium
19:00 NOR 4
21:00 Masterclass: The Secret World of Moths
23:00 Festival Club

10:00 Conflight
10:00 EFA 3: Short Matters!
12:00 One-minute-films & EMU
12:00 INT 3
14:00 NOR 5
16:00 Meet the Filmmakers 2
17:00 INT 4
18:00 Outdoor Cinema for children
19:00 Romanian 1: Adrian Sitaru
21:00 Outdoor Cinema
22:00 Festival Club

11:00 INT 5
13:00 NOR 6
15:00 INT 6
17:00 Meet the Filmmakers 3
18:00 Statement Too - Arvid Sletta & Jørn Utkilen
20:00 Romanian 2: Radu Jude
22:00 Narrative Music Videos
23:00 Festival Party

12:00 Norwegian Film Art 1980-89
15:00 Award ceremony and screening
18:00 Multiplié Dance Film
20:00 Short Treats 2
20:00 DansiT & Festival Club

Changes might occur.

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