Minimalen 2015
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Minimalen 2015

Festival 2015:
  • Norwegian Comp.
  • Nordic Comp.
  • International pan.
  • One-minute-films & EMU
  • EFA - Short Matters!
  • Children's Prog.
  • Jens Assur
  • Walerian Borowczyk
  • Bertrand Mandico
  • Multiplié dansefilm
  • Norwegian Art Film:
The 70s
  • Short Film Studies Symposium
  • Short Film Convention
  • Regional: Premieres & seminar
  • Mid Nordic: Pitch & panorama & seminar
  • Outdoor Cinema

  • Awards 2015
  • Virtual Catalogue
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Call for entries:
  • Nordic Competition
  • International Panorama
  • Norwegian Competition
  • One-minute-films (Norwegian)
  • EMU: One-minute-films - Young (Norwegian)



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Minimalen Short Film Festival

  • Past winners
(International Panorama)
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Welcome to the diverese world of shorts

The 27th Minimalen Short Film Festival presents 226 films from Wednesday 22nd to Sunday 26th of April 2015 at Nova Cinema in Trondheim, Norway.

This year's festival programme illustrates the abundance of opportunities embedded in short filmmaking by highlighting wayward individuals with a vision and the ability to realize it. Jämtland's own Jens Assur demonstrates that social conscience certainly has a place within the short film. Walerian Borowczyk and Bertrand Mandico, in their respective ways, portray our world as we have never seen it before, often with a flare of the absurdity of dreams, in films characterized by hybridization and aesthetic innovation. In our and Atopia's presentation of Norwegian film art history, time has come for the 1970s, and in the same respect, we consider the shorts of Anja Breien from this decade as an excellent illustration of a successful Norwegian auteur approach to filmmaking. We are proud to have both Assur, Mandico and Breien as our guests, in addition to Daniel Bird who has been crucial in making Borowczyk's films available again to mankind.

Go from premiere party to premiere party and be among the first to watch the seminal films. Afterwards, you can have a beer with the filmmakers at the Festival Club. Welcome to this year's film fest!

KILLING THE CHICKENS TO SCARE THE MONKEYS - Jens AssurAÏSSA - Clément Tréhin-LalanneANGEL'S GAMES - Walerian BorowczykBORO IN THE BOX - Bertrand Mandico

• Norwegian Competition
(4 programmes of 34 films from Norway)

• Nordic Competition
(4 programmes of 27 films from Denmark/Finland/Iceland/Sweden)

• International Panorama
(4 programmes of 27 films from the whole wide world)

• One-minute-films & EMU
(1 programme of 42 films from Norway)

• EFA - Short Matters!
(3 programmes of 14 Award winning films from Europa)

• Children's Programmes
(2 programmes and a Motion Capture Workshop)

• Multiplié Dance Film
Dance and film is a powerful combination. DansiT presents a wide spectre of dance films from Europe and the Nordic countries.

  • Jens Assur
Meet this socially conscious filmmaker with the world as arena in a retrospective and a masterclass.

• Walerian Borowczyk
At long last, the films by this great auteur and cinematic innovator is again available to mankind. Presented by Daniel Bird. (2 programmes)

• Bertrand Mandico
Get to know a unique cinematic universe characterized by the irrational sensuality of imagination and dreams. Presented by Mandico and main actress Elina Löwensohn. (2 programmes)

• Norwegian Art Film: The 70s
We continue our five-year journey through the history of Norwegian film art, decade by decade, in cooperation with Atopia. It is time for the 70s, the golden age of auteurs, a.o. well illustrated by the brilliant shorts of Anja Breien. (2 programmes)

• Short Film Studies Symposium
Two acclaimed short film are picked apart to see how they work, with the participation of a.o. one of the filmmakers. A proper energizer for anyone who wants to understand or create a short film.

• Short Film Convention
Creators of short film from all over the country gather for in-depth study and inspiring conversations.

• Regional: Premieres & seminar
Premiere screening of four brand new films in cooperation with Midtnorsk Filmsenter, and a meeting with the film consultants.


• Mid Nordic: Pitch & panorama & seminar
Third season of 'mid-regional' cooperation between Finland, Sweden and Norway.

• Outdoor Cinema
Come to Solsiden and watch shorts in the open air!



• All Festival Access Pass: NOK 350
Gives access to all the programmes* and events.
For sale at Nova kinosenter from Wednesday March 12th.
Student: NOK 250.

• Punch card (5 tickets): NOK 200
Access to 5 programmes (each a batch of approx. 90 minutes of short films).
Available at all the cinemas in Trondheim, and through the webshop.

• Single ticket: NOK 75
Access to a single programme (a batch of approx. 90 minutes of short films).
Available at all the cinemas in Trondheim, and through the webshop.


* Provided that there are seats available, get a ticket for each programme (for free) to be on the safe side.

Questions? Contact Minimalen:, or phone (+47) 7352 2757.

Programme 2015
Nova Cinema, 2 & 3

10:00 EFA - Short Matters! 1
12:00 Nordic 1
14:00 Norwegian 1
16:00 Walerian Borowczyk 1
16:00 Meet the Filmmakers 1
18:00 Jens Assur 1: Retrospective
20:00 Regional Premieres
22:00 Reception & Opening Party

10:00 EFA -
Short Matters! 2
10:00 Seminar: The Film Consultants
12:00 Nordic 2
14:00 Norwegian 2
16:00 Walerian Borowczyk 2
16:00 Meet the Filmmakers 2
18:00 Short Film Studies Symposium
20:00 International Panorama 1
22:00 Bertrand Mandico 1
23:30 Festival Club

10:00 EFA -
Short Matters! 3
10:00 Seminar: Mid Nordic Co-production
10:00 Childrens Prog. 1 [Nova 1]
12:00 Nordic 3
12:00 Childrens Prog. 2 [Nova 1]
14:00 Norwegian 3
14:00 Mid Nordic Panorama
14:00 One-minute-films
& EMU [Nova 1]
16:00 Mid Nordic Film Pitch
16:00 Meet the Filmmakers 3
18:00 Jens Assur 2: Masterclass
20:00 International Panorama 2
22:00 Outdoor Cinema

11:00 Norwegian Art Film 1970-79:
Part 1 – Anja Breien
11:00 For children: Motion Capture workshop
13:00 Nordic 4
15:00 Norwegian 4
17:00 Meet the Filmmakers 4
18:00 Bertrand Mandico 2
20:00 International Panorama 3
22:00 Festival Club

11:00 Norwegian Art Film 1970-79: Part 2
13:00 International Panorama 4
15:00 Award ceremony
and screening
18:00 Multiplié Dance Film
20:00 DansiT film/dance get-together
& Festival Club

Changes might occur.

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