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Minimalen 2010

Festival 2010:
  • Norwegian Competition
  • Nordic Competition
  • International Panorama
  • One-Minute-Films
  • Autour de Minuit
  • Patrik Eklund
  • KiT Jubilee
  • Film School: Denmark
  • Childrens Programme
  • Seminar
  • Regional
  • Award winners
  • Tickets
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Film Participants:
  • Nordic Competition
  • International Panorama
  • Norwegian Competition
  • One-minute-films (Norwegian)

About Minimalen

Poster Art: Lars Hegdal

  • Past winners
(International Panorama)
Previous festivals:
  2007 - 2008 - 2009
  2004 - 2005 - 2006
  2001 - 2002 - 2003


The 200 Shorts

The 22nd Minimalen Short Film Festival is proud to present a cornucopia of new expressions from Friday 5th to Tuesday 9th of March at Nova Cinema in Trondheim, Norway.

This year's programme offers Norwegian and Nordic films in three competitions, and a unique chance to assess the creative part of filmmaking — whether you would like to see what goes on in the World, the Nordic Countries, Norway or Trondheim. In the special programmes, we throw a glance at fiction film on the borderline between experiment and art.

» Download the catalogue (pdf)

The Six Dollar Fifty ManElefantenhautLogoramaMuzorama

• Norwegian Competition (NIFA)
(4 programmes of 39 films from Norway)

• Nordic Competition (NIFA)
(4 programmes of 35 films from Denmark/Finland/Iceland/Sweden)

• International Panorama
(4 programmes of 33 films from the whole wide world)

• One-minute-films
(1 programme of 33 films from Norway)


• Autour de Minuit (2 programmes of 20 films)
A Paris based film production company established in 2001 by Nicolas Schmerkin. They are in the world avantgarde in delivering visuals that are never to be seen before, with films characterized by hybridization and aesthetical innovation. Nominated to an Academy Award this year for the film Logorama - which is of course screened.

• Patrik Eklund (1 programme of 3 films)

Young swede producing films in Umeå, and with a strong international impact with cunning dramas shifting from the deadly serious to humour. Academy Award nominated this year for Instead of Abracadabra, which of course is screened.

• Childrens Programme
(1 programme of 7 films)

• Regional
(4 programmes of 6 films from Midtnorsk Filmsenter)

• Seminar
(2 seminars for filmmakers)


• KiT Jubilee (1 programme of 18 films)
The Intermedia Section* at the Art Academy of Trondheim (KiT) celebrate their first 20 years. Curator is Per Teljer, Assistant Professor at KiT. (* Now: Time Based Art)

• The National Film School of Denmark
(1 programme of 5 films) In our ongoing series with attention to one filmschool each year, Denmark is up.


• All Festival Access Pass: NOK 300
Gives access to all the programmes* and events.

• Single ticket: kr 75
Access to a single programme (normally a batch of 90 minutes of short films).

* Provided that there are seats available, get a ticket for each programme (for free) to be on the safe side.

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