The 35th Minimalen Short Film Festival
January 10-15, 2023
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Awards 2023

International Competition

Best International Film - The Minimalen Trophy and 1000 euro granted by Minimalen

• SWAN IN THE CENTER (Swan dans le centre) by Iris Chassaigne (FRA)

In a soulless, almost extinct environment, we are drawn into a microcosm, where with small, but precise gestures, the desires and needs of the protagonists are unfolded. Unagitated, authentic and with a lot of empathy, existential questions of modern life develop, which propel the protagonist from an existence of boredom and missing perspective towards the search for the center of her own life.

Honorable Mention

• FURTHER AND FURTHER AWAY (Chhngai Dach Alai) by Polen Ly (KHM)

We congratulate the director on an accomplished narrative and the young actors on their outstanding performances. Creating a delicate and intimate depiction of a sibling relationship, with unity and independence to deal with loss and displacement while trying to shape a future.

Jury: John Canciani (CHE), Hilke Rönnfeldt (DEU), Liz Harkman (GBR)


Audience Award International Competition - 500 euro granted by by Minimalen

• AIRHOSTESS-737 by Thanasis Neofotistos (GRC)


International and Nordic Competition (combined award)

The Raskin Spirit Festival Award
Overarching the two main competitions, and selected by the festival team.

• I REMEMBER IT RAINED by Connor Simpson (USA)

The award was established to celebrate the unique qualities of a compact, poetic short film that make use of the visual and auditive possibilities in an imaginative way, and do not follow the traditional feature film dramaturgy.

Nordic Competition

Best Nordic Film - The Minimalen Trophy and 1.000 euro granted by NTNU - Department of Art and Media Studies

• THE DIAMOND by Vedran Rupic (SWE)

The jury was very happy to reward a very very funny film, the best expression of the so-called Nordic Humor, made of awkward situations and stone-faced and dead-pan characters. It at the same time deals with very important topics such as loneliness, happiness and herpes through a surreal treasure chase with wonderful gags and clever visual tricks. It definitely shone for us in the selection.

Best Norwegian Film - The Minimalen Trophy and 5.000 kroner granted by by Minimalen

• PENTHOUSE by Vegard Dahle, Line Klungseth Johansen (NOR)

We agree with a band from a neighboring country called Abba, when they sing 'Breaking Up is Never Easy but I have to go' in the song Knowing Me, Knowing You. The Best Norwegian Film Award goes to a film which turns a dying relationship into a visually arresting and breathtaking metaphor, with impressive production values: a sinking apartment in an apocalyptic world. Climate change and heartbreaks become one in this tensed, claustrophobic, sometimes humorous and – above all – powerful tale.

Best Nordic Art Film

• CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE (Kan noen fortelle meg at alt blir bra) by Siri Bråtveit (NOR)

To a film which gives a very imaginative visual form to our political opinions, moral judgements, freedom of speech and the need to connect with others. It comically shows how our behavior on the Internet and social media would look in the real world. But with poignant and cringey situations in the most mundane settings, the film also shows that the line between real and virtual worlds is becoming thinner.

Best Nordic Animation


To a film which found imaginative ways to express how we dream, hope, remember and fear. It’s a picture of the human mind as fluid, everchanging lines and psychedelic colors, as a chaotic miracle and a wonderful mess.

Best Nordic Documentary

• YOU CAN'T SHOW MY FACE by Knutte Wester (SWE)

To a film which took courage and great risks to show us an oppressed society and to free its voices. The way the film turns music into an act of resistance celebrates youth, passion and tenacity. We could hear the heart, the beat and the cardiogram of Tehran in a film which feels more relevant than ever in the Iranian context.


Honorable Mentions

• FROM.BEYOND by Fredrik S. Hana (NOR)

If there was a category for Best Sci-Fi Short, this film would have totally deserved it.


Jury: Léo Soesanto (FRA), Douwe Dijkstra (NED), Alice Shone (GBR).


Best Norwegian Prerunner
To be screened before a feature film at Trondheim kino for one month, selected by Trondheim kino.

• SERENITY (Sinnsro) by Kaveh Tehrani (NOR)

To a film that plays with genre and content in an exciting way and thus challenges us as viewers in several ways. The film's wrapping as an advertisement for a revolutionary new digital aid to limit people's opportunities for religious offense is playful, while at the same time suggesting that our new digital world can also bring new restrictions for selected target groups.

Honorable Mentions

• DRUNK (Foill) by Rune Denstad Langlo (NOR)

We want to highlight a film that, although not rated as the best, a film of high quality and with great degree of recognition from a turbulent youth.

One-minute-film Competitions

Best One-minute-film YOUNG
Audience Award, 3.000 kroner granted by Midtnorsk Filmsenter

• SKATE OR DIE by Sigurd Eidhamar Næss, Ingemar Stenskrog Midjo, Lisbeth Mamie-K Moijueh, Aurora Herheim Gabrielsen

Best One-minute-film (Open)
Audience Award, the trophy Den Gyldne Saks 2.0

• REAL MAN COCKWASH by Joakim Amundsen, Alexander Olsen, Dawid Pasinski, Emil Rønningen


Regional Student Film Competition

Best film

• SHEPHERD (Hyrden) by Daniel Ardt Nilssen (NOR)

Jury: Kjersti Sofie Greger, Jon Vatne, Øyvind Nyborg Gregersen


Multiplié Dance Film: Nordic Competition

Best Film - 1.000 euro granted by DansiT

• The Meatlump by Morten Arnfred (DNK)

The jury was impressed by the technical execution of The Meatlump, citing its high-quality production and well-crafted concept as standout aspects of the film. The use of levels and the viewer's perspective within the space helped to fully immerse the audience in the film, and the costumes and sound design added to its raw and emotional atmosphere. The jury felt the subject and style were handled well and enhanced the almost visceral viewing experience. The strong relationship between creative choreography, evocative and simple costumes, as well as the use of color were all strong elements of the film. Some members of the jury had a physical reaction to the film, feeling uneasy or almost sick, and appreciated its ability to evoke strong emotions. Overall, The Meatlump is a cohesive and impactful film creatively telling a fundamental story through the movement of the body.

Honorable Mentions

• Walks With Me by Kati Kallio (FIN)

A beautifully choreographed film that depicts a touching story about relationships over time through the use of dance as an evocative medium. The dancers’ movements are graceful and captivating. The film explores the themes of friendship, dance, and loneliness in a way that is relevant to our current society, particularly given the isolation and divide we have experienced in recent years. The overall message of the film - the importance of human connection and the ups and downs of relationships over time - is moving and inspiring. The use of dance as a medium for storytelling is particularly effective, and the dancers were a joy to watch. Overall, Walks with Me was a delightful and thought-provoking film that left us feeling moved and inspired.


Multiplié Dance Film: International Competition

Best Film - 1.000 euro granted by DansiT

• Do Butterflies Remember Being Caterpillars? by Caraz (CAN)

The jury found the production to be highly enjoyable, with a light and humorous tone. They appreciated the unique use of multiple forms of dance and the thoroughly composed setting and costumes. The flow of the switch between child and adult was an exciting aspect of the film's concept and execution. The use of nostalgia resonated with the jury, aiding to tell the story through the varied movements in rhythm with the settings. Do Butterflies Remember Being Caterpillars? is overall a highly enjoyable film with a unique telling of a simple story.

Honorable Mentions

• Tamada by Natia Chikvaidze / Ovvo (FRA)

A short film that uses a combination of dance, music, and narration to tell the story of a woman who follows her passion in dance to express the struggles she faces in Georgian society. The film features beautiful nature scenes and haunting music, and its use of internal spaces, costumes, and headdresses help set the stage for a series of tensions between space and setting. The strong visual and musical elements evoked a strong aesthetic and emotional response. Overall Tamada is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant film that offers a unique perspective on an unstaged world.


Jury: Mishi Foltyn, Rebecka Lange, Espen Lauritzen Von Ibenfeldt


Note: According to the Festival Competition Rules, the festival is responsible for awarding the above mentioned prizes to the directors of the winning films.

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