The 22nd Minimalen Short Film Festival
March 5 - 9, 2010

Poster Art: Lars Hegdal

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Awards 2010

Awards - Norwegian Competition

Three films were awarded by the jury.

Best Norwegian Film: A diploma and NOK 10 000 donated by Minimalen.
FABELAKTIGE FIFF OG FAM by Solveig Melkeraaen
Jury statement: 'For the distinctive and consequent manner in which this documentary uses its visual elements while simultaneously providing an astonishing insight into the personal life of two charming and mature ladies.'

Best Norwegian Fiction: 5 reels of 35 mm film stock donated by Kodak.
DADDY'S GIRL by Helen Komini Olsen
Jury statement: 'A grotesque, but funny film that uses features such as its voice-over narration and visual flamboyance in a both appealing and appalling way.'

The Special Jury Award: A Sachtler tripod donated by Video 4.
KONTROLL by Hanne Myren
Jury statement: 'A documentary that succeeds in getting close to the main character, a strong-minded young woman who wants to maintain control over her feelings at all costs and despite her turbulent state of mind.'

Honorable mentions:

BRUDHLAUP by Karin Pennanen
Jury statement: 'For the precise way in which this film describes a woman's breakaway from an important event and for the way it uses nature as a narrative device.'

DEN TRETTENDE DAG JUL by Thorbjørn Magnus
Jury statement: 'A civilization critique that is as funny as it is pointed.'

39 Norwegian films screened, 37 in competition.

Awards - Nordic Competition (NIFA):

All winners receive a NIFA-trophy and prize money from Nordic Culture Fund. Please note that also the films in Norwegian Competition participated.

NIFA Best Film (EUR 1 000):
FRIDAY (FREDAG) by Alexe Landgren (Sweden)
Jury statement: 'Absorbing, gripping and empathic in the way it describes its main characters' feelings through a creative writing class.'

NIFA Best Documentary (EUR 500):
Jury statement: 'For the way in which it uses expressive colors, movements and voice-over narration to convey the passion of dancing.'

NIFA Best Fiction (EUR 500):
Jury statement: 'A film about misunderstandings in both verbal and non-verbal communication, this anti-love story uses narrative layers as complex as human relationships.'

NIFA Best Animation or Art Film (EUR 500):
GURI GURSJEN & GURSJAN GRU by Eirik Aure and Johanne Anda (Norway)
Jury statement: 'For the detailed and very original way of illustrating the issues of being different and of overcoming isolation by using features derived from non-animation filmmaking and theater.'

Honorable mentions:

BENEDICT by Henri Savolainen (Finland)
Jury statement: 'For providing a charming insight on the absurdities of a uniformed and monotonous lifestyle.'

Jury statement: 'A visual tour de force and a funny, warm-hearted and romantic portrait of its likeable characters.'

35 Nordic films screened, all of them in competition.

Award - One-minute-films

Audience Award: The challenge cup Den Gyldne Saks, and a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) version of the winning film covered by BUG.
ET SØTT MARERITT by Anja Celine Pedersen

33 Norwegian films participated.

Award - International Panorama

Audience Award: EUR 500 given by Filmkick.
LIFE'S HARD (LA DRUMUL MARE) by Gabriel Sirbu - Romania

The Award Jury for NIFA, Norwegian and Nordic Competition:

• INGRID ROMMETVEIT (b. 1962, Norway)
Master's degree of Film Science, and Film Critic. Head of education at Norsk filmklubbforbund and Executive Editor at the film magazine Z. Co-founder of the magazine Utflukt, and contributor to the Norwegian film books Følelser for film, Mitt liv som film and Filmanalytiske tradisjoner.

• FRANZISKA KAST (b. 1980, Germany)
M.A. of Film Studies. Previously Festival Producer at Umeå Intl. Film Festival. Marketing, press relations and communications consultant for film festivals and distributours. Freelance translator.

• JACOB JAREK (b. 1981, Norway, living in Denmark)
Third year student in the Producers Programme at The National Film School of Denmark. Has studied Film Science and Media Production at NTNU in Trondheim. Later studies at European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark, and assistant at Nimbus Film.

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