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Opening Screening & Party

Tuesday 18:00 [Nova 1] (Totalt: 90 min.)

Midtnorsk filmsenter (The Regional Film Centre) and Minimalen invite you to a festive screening in the Liv Ullmann theatre.

In the first half, the film center will present a brand new short production from regional filmmakers. The film production community in the Trøndelag region has grown and become strong over the years, and achieved quite some breadth and diversity in the cinematic expression.

In the second half, Minimalen will provide a taste of the rich festival programme awaiting during the week.

After the screening, we move over to the Opening Party.




NOR 2023 | Fic. | 14 min.
Director: Denise Hauser


Elise får livet snudd opp ned når hun konfronteres med nok en spontanabort, og hun må akseptere at hun kanskje ikke får det livet hun hadde planlagt.

Elise's life is turned upside down as she is confronted with repeated miscarriages, and she realizes that she may not attain the life she had planned.

Director’s comment: Many women who experience one or several miscarriages feel incapable, alone and isolated. This might have something to do with the stigma that still surrounds this topic. With the film, I hope to encourage for more openness around miscarriage as a way to support others who go through this often heartbreaking experience in silence.

Script: Denise Hauser | Camera: Øystein Moe | Editing: Arne Vidar Stoltenberg | Sound Design: Henning Knöpfel | Music: Ola Kvernberg | Cast: Heidi Toini, Paul-Ottar Haga, Fenris Leander Cody

Production: Tagline - Ida H. Eldøen, Helmet Films & Visual Effects - Line Klungseth Johansen
Contact: Ida H. Eldøen, e:


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