This is the fifth convention for the professional Norwegian short film industry. Creators of short film from all over the country are gathered for conversation, in-depth study and advancement, as well as inspiring social get-togethers where participants will get to know each other and each other’s work; a place to share knowledge, build networks, address topical issues and questions and get professional input. The target group is directors, script writers and producers who actively work with short film.

The convention aims to provide a selection of the best storytellers from all over the country the opportunity to immerse themselves in professional discussions about short film as a format, and the opportunities and challenges short films are faced with today. Short film is not made within as focused a field as documentary or feature film, but the storytelling voices that are developed and refined within the format are important to the entire industry.

The short film convention is a cooperation between the regional film centres in Norway, the Norwegian Film Institute and Minimalen Short Film Festival. Local organizer in Trondheim is Midtnorsk filmsenter (The Mid-Norwegian Film Centre).


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