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Minimalen presents, in cooperation with Midtnorsk Filmsenter:

Short Film Studies Symposium 2018

Do quality short films deserve close and comprehensive study? If you would answer that question with a resounding ’yes’, then the journal called Short Film Studies is likely to interest you. At this symposium, we will launch the sixteenth issue (#8.2) of the journal, focusing on the two prize-winning short films singled out for close study in the issue (see next page).

We are privileged to be joined by both filmmakers for a discussion of key aspects of each of the films. There will be ample room for members of the audience to play an active role in the discussion. This will be a genuine vitamin injection for anyone who wants to understand what makes a short film tick, and a competence boost for filmmakers at all levels.

Short Film Studies journal

Short Film Studies is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal from Intellect Journals, designed to stimulate ongoing research on individual short films as a basis for a better understanding of the art form as a whole. In each issue, two short films will be selected for comprehensive study, with articles illuminating each film from a variety of perspectives.

Please find a PDF with abstracts of the articles for each film below.

Richard Raskin (b. 1941), founding editor of Short Film Studies, is associate professor at Aarhus University, where he teaches screenwriting and video production. His books include The Art of the Short Fiction Film (McFarland, 2002). For many years he edited P.O.V. – A Danish Journal of Film Studies, a journal he also founded. Short films based on his screenplays have been publicly funded in Denmark, and both screened and awarded at international film festivals.

Note: Unfortuntately, Richard is not able to be present this year, but both of the filmmakers are.

Thursday 17:00 - Nova 2 (Total: 100 min.)

ESP 2002 | Fic. | 14 min.
Director: Luis Prieto

PDF Download Abstracts of articles in Short Film Studies Vol 8 No 2


Migue, en sytten år gammel gutt fra en fattig familie, rømmer hjemmefra en dag og bestemmer seg for å bo på hustakene i Barcelona. Han fordriver tiden med sin beste venn, Ahmed, og kjæresten Mara. Inspirert av 'The Baron in the Trees' av Italo Calvino og basert på en sann historie.

Migue, a seventeen-year-old boy from a poor family, runs away from home one day and decides to live on the rooftops of the city of Barcelona. He makes the time pass with his best friend, Ahmed, and his girlfriend Mara. Inspired by 'The Baron in the Trees' by Italo Calvino and based on a true story.

Luis Fernando Prieto Yanguas
(b. 1968, Spain)

Script: Luis Prieto, Kiko Moreno, David Blanco | Camera: Marcos Pasquin | Editing: Luis Prieto, Jaume Vilaha | Cast: Eloi Yebra, Alicia Gorina, Hafid Abou El Hakan

Production: Factotum Barcelona, S.L. - Ivan Carlos Tikas, Jaime Vilalta
Print Source: ICAA Madrid


NOR 2010 | Exp. | 5 min
Director: Line Klungseth Johansen

PDF Download Abstracts of articles in Short Film Studies Vol 8 No 2


I all støy vil det eksistere ørsmå fargede partikler av ulik substans og betydning. Disse fragmentene er svært skjøre og lettpåvirkelige, glir over til abstrakte linjer, farger og komposisjon, og danner Flimmer.

All noise contains coloured particles of different substance and meaning. Fragile and impressionable, the fragments glide into abstract lines, colours and composition, creating Flimmer.

Line Beate Klungseth Johansen
(b. 1980, Norway)

Script: Line Klungseth Johansen | Camera: Øystein Moe | Editing: Helene Jensen | Sound: Ambolt Audio | Music: Hanstein Mørkved Rommerud

Production, Print Source: Klungseth Filmproduksjon - Line Klungseth Johansen

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