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rolf aamot Ane Hjort Guttu @ FESTIVAL Ane Hjort Guttu @ Kunsthall


Since 2014, in cooperation with Atopia, Minimalen has screened Norwegian film art from the 60s to the 90s, decade by decade. We will continue this project by presenting Norwegian film artists, past and current, in the cinema.

This year we take a closer look at two key names from two eras Rolf Aamot and Ane Hjort Guttu. The cooperation with Kunsthall Trondheim offers a further opportunity to get acquainted with Ane Hjort Guttu January 10 - 28.



Norsk filmkunst: Rolf Aamot | Norwegian Film Art: Rolf Aamot (Total: 78 min.)
Søn | Sun 11:00
[Nova 2]


Since the 1960s, Rolf Aamot has been a pioneer in Norwegian electronic art. He has worked with film, music, theater and visual art, receiving attention both in Norway and abroad. Aamot’s entire oeuvre has been focused on technological development and innovation.

A central concept in his work is 'visual music'. That is, he explores light and colours, with a special interest in the direct art experience. In this programme there are several examples of this concept, in addition to a work co-made with Arne Nordheim and a documentary about Gustav Vigeland.

NOR 1966 | Exp. | 8 min
Director: Rolf Aamot


Billedtonenes samhørighet med musikk, film og fjernsyn.

The visual tones' interplay with music, film and television.

Music: Arne Nordheim

NOR 2000 | Exp. | 19 min
Director: Rolf Aamot


Bildende tonekunst.

Visual music.

NOR 1971 | Exp. | 21 min
Director: Rolf Aamot

VISUELT (Visual)

Bildende tonekunst.

Visual music.

NOR 1980 | Exp. | 22 min
Director: Rolf Aamot


Bildende tonekunst.

Visual music.

NOR 1969 | Exp. Doc. | 10 min
Director: Rolf Aamot


Et møte mellom regissørens bildemusikk og Gustav Vigelands skulpturer, produsert i forbindelse med Gustav Vigelands 100-årsjubileum.

A meeting between the visual music of Rolf Aamot and the sculptures of Gustav Vigeland. Produced for the 100th anniversary of Gustav Vigeland.

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Norsk filmkunst: Ane Hjort Guttu (Total: 88 min.)
Norwegian Film Art: Ane Hjort Guttu
Søn | Sun 13:00
[Nova 2]


Ane Hjort Guttu is an Oslo-based artist. She received her education at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts. Today she is a professor at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Guttu’s films are about power and freedom, socially engaged art and artistic responsibility, and the dilemmas of social art projects. The films can be essayistic, documentarian or fictional, and they often cross the boundaries between genres. In this programme we present three films showcasing this genre ambiguity, while all being fiction-based. Two additional films are available at our collaborator Kunsthall Trondheim.

Guttu’s films have been screened at several festivals and exhibitions all over the world. She was a nominee for the Lorck Schive Art Award in Trondheim in 2015, and she was the 2015 Bergen International Festival Artist.


NOR 2014 | Fic. | 17 min
Director: Ane Hjort Guttu

THIS PLACE IS EVERY PLACE (Dette er alle steder)

En dialog mellom to kvinner i Stockholmsforstaden Tensta. Den arabiske våren ligger i bakgrunnen av samtalen, og filmen trekker opp en forbindelse mellom de siste tre årenes globale protestbevegelser og opprørene i de svenske forstedene.

A dialogue between two women in the suburb Tensta in Stockholm. The Arab spring is a backdrop for their conversation, and the film puts forward a connection between the global protest movements of the past three years and the riots in the Swedish suburbs.

Script: Ane Hjort Guttu | Camera: Cecilie Semec | Sound: Edvard Saare | Editing: Karen Gravås

NOR 2016 | Fic. | 25 min
Director: Ane Hjort Guttu


Art director Naoki Hayakawa jobber 16 timer om dagen i et kreativt neo-totalitært reklamebyrå i Tokyo. Arbeidspresset fører til en mental tilstand mellom søvn og våken tilstand, hvor han opplever merkelige og vidunderlige drømmer, i en blanding av virkelighet og fantasi.

Art director Naoki Hayakawa works 16 hours a day in a creative, neo-totalitarian advertisement company in Tokyo. Workplace stress causes a mental condition between sleep and wakefulness where he has strange and wonderful dreams, creating a blurred state of reality and fantasy.

Script: Ane Hjort Guttu, Daisuke Kosugi | Camera: Marte Vold | Sound: Øyvind Rydland | Music: Mari Kvien Brunvoll | Editing: Jon Endre Mørk | Cast: Daisuke Kosugi

NOR 2015 | Fic. | 46 min
Director: Ane Hjort Guttu

TIME PASSES (Tiden går)

Damla (23) er en kunststudent som hver dag tigger på gaten sammen med romkvinnen Bianca, som hun gradvis utvikler et vennskap med. “Om hun må sitte på den måten, så må vi alle gjøre det. Og med kunst kan du forandre på en liten skala det du virkelig vil forandre på den store skalaen”, sier Damla når hun forklarer prosjektet til klassen på kunstakademiet.

Damla (23) is an art student who goes each day to beg on the streets alongside the Romá woman Bianca, with whom she gradually develops a friendship. ”If she has to sit like that, then we must actually all do it. And in art, you can change on the small scale what you really want to change on the large scale,” says Damla when explaining the project to her class at the Academy of Art.

Script: Ane Hjort Guttu | Camera: Cecilie Semec | Sound: Øyvind Rydland | Music: Knut Olaf Sunde | Editing: Jon Endre Mørk | Cast: Damla Kilickiran, Halvor Haugen, Bianca Linu, Johan Carlsson

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Kunsthall Trondheim: Ane Hjort Guttu (Total: 49 min.)
10.-28. januar | January 10 - 28
[Kunsthall Trondheim]


Art film at Kunsthall Trondheim
Kunsthall Trondheim will from January 10 to 28 present filmic artworks by Ane Hjort Guttu to a broad public in collaboration with Minimalen.

Ane Hjort Guttu is one of Norway’s most acknowledged artists. A recurring question in her practice is: How does one as a member of society, but also as an artist, articulate resistance and critique? The presentation coincides with a solo exhibition at Tromsø Kunstforening (January 19 – March 18).

Kunsthall Trondheim is a new contemporary art institution with international focus, and aims to strengthen the local art scene, and to be the central arena for contemporary art in Trondheim city and the region of Trøndelag. In addition to exhibitions, Kunsthall Trondheim’s program includes concerts, performances, film screenings, lectures and readings.

Contact: Kunsthall Trondheim, e: office[at], t: +47 485 00 100


NOR 2017 | Fic. | 16 min.
Director: Ane Hjort Guttu

(Furniture Isn’t Just Furniture)

Sentrert rundt en pågående dialog mellom en kvinne og en mann som har bosatt seg i visningsutstillingene i et IKEA-varehus.

Centered around an ongoing dialogue between a woman and a man who have settled inside the display exhibitions of an IKEA warehouse.

Camera: Cecilie Semec | Editing: Jon Endre Mørk | Sound: Rune Baggerud | Cast: Trine Wiggen, Sigurd Myhre
Production: Ane Hjort Guttu | Commisioned by Fotogalleriet, Oslo | Support: Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Norwegian Photographic Fund, Norwegian Arts Council.

NOR 2011 | Doc. | 33 min.
Director: Ane Hjort Guttu

(Freedom Requires Free People)

Om en 8 år gammel gutt som går på en barneskole i Oslo. Filmen følger ham gjennom intervjuer og under timene på skolen, og ser på konflikten mellom hans sterke ønske om frihet og deltagelse, og skolens rammeverk.

About an 8 year old boy at a primary school in Oslo. The film follows him through interviews and during school hours, and looks at the conflict between his strong desire for freedom and participation and the framework put forward by the school.

Camera, sound: Marte Vold | Editing: Bodil Furu, Ane Hjort Guttu | Sound, postproduction: Bodil Furu | Music: Byen vågner/Den døde by. Thomas Koppel/The Savage Rose: Dødens Triumf, Polydor 1972

Production: Ane Hjort Guttu | Support: Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and KHIO, Oslo.

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