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Arrangementene er støttet av Fritt Ord.


In collaboration with Marziyeh Riahi, editor in chief of Short Film News, we are pleased to present two programmes with new Iranian films thematizing gender and identity in Iran. The programmes are screened Friday and Saturday.

Iran is complex and many-layered, and with our focus on contemporary Iranian short film we invite you into a contradictory landscape between what can and cannot be expressed in Iranian society. We wish to draw attention to short films that engage in discussions on social issues - discussions that are not limited to Iran, but find powerful resonance in Norway and in the rest of the world. The films in the programme provide different perspectives on gender, identity and sexuality, and aim to reflect the diversity of genres and aesthetic traditions that can be found in Iranian Cinema.

The selection aims highlight women filmmakers in Iran, and the relative gender equality found in Iranian film production. While male filmmakers like Abbas Kiarostami, Jafar Panahi or Asghar Farhadi readily come to mind when thinking about Iranian Cinema from a Western point of view, prominent female filmmakers like Rakshan Bani-Etemad, Tahmineh Milani, Samira Makhmalbaf and Marzieh Meshkini have been successful in the European festival circuit. Of the twelve films in our selection, seven are directed by women, and women hold creative roles in several of the remaining films.

Marziyeh Riahi presents Iran Now 1. The films in this programme are fiction, documentary, and animation. They explore the confining function of social and cultural norms, and points towards expressions of identity and women’s social issues on the very edge of what has been defined as acceptable.

Minimalen presents Iran Now 2. The films in this programme are mainly fiction films that together provide short glimpses of the lives of women who find themselves in situations where their opportunities are limited through harassment, objectification or through other more or less subtle forms of social control.

Marziyeh Riahi is an Iran-based filmmaker and curator. Together with Marjan Riahi she started Short Film News in 2004, the first independent news network for short film and documentary in Iran and Asia. The award-winning site is a network for the promotion of filmmakers and film events in Iran, as well as a channel for introducing and making available Iranian shorts and documentaries to international film festivals and other exhibition venues.

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Iran Now 1 (Total: 73 min.)
Fre | Fri 19:00 [Nova 2

IRN 2017 | Fic. | 22 min.
Director: Shahrzad Dadgar


En historie om tre kvinner i en frisørsalong - Pegah gjør seg klar for bryllupet sitt når forloveden hennes ringer og setter henne i en vanskelig situasjon, Shahla er gravid og bekymrer seg for farens reaksjon når han får beskjed, og Haydedeh får et overraskende besøk av sin eksmann som tenker å forlate landet.

A story of three women in a hair salon - Pegah is getting ready for her wedding when her fiancé puts her in a difficult situation, Shahla is pregnant and worries about the father’s reaction when he finds out, and Haydedeh gets a surprise visit from her ex-husband who is leaving the country.

Script: Shahrzad Dadgar, Pantea Hosseini | Cast: Roya Nownahali, Nasim Adabi, Behnaz Jafari, Sanaz Mesbah

Production: Saeid Honar Amooz
Contact: Shahrzad Dadgar, e: shahrzad.dgr[at]

IRN 2017 | Ani. | 6 min.
Director: Parastoo Cardgar


I en verden hvor mennesker har Rubiks kube som hode er det ett barn som skiller seg fra alle de andre.

In a world of people with Rubik’s cubes as heads, there is one kid who is different from the others.

Script: Parastoo Cardgar| Concept art: Parastoo Cardgar, Jamal Rahmati | Animation: Mahnmoud Yaghoubi

Production, contact: Parastoo Cardgar, e:[at]

IRN 2017 | Fic. | 12 min.
Director: Milad Jarmooz


En kvinne blir anklaget for utroskap dagen etter sitt eget bryllup.

The story of a woman accused of infidelity on the day after her wedding.

Script: Milad Jarmooz | Camera: Yaser Zamani | Editing: Mehdi Dehghan | Cast: Zahra Fadaie, Mehdi Heidari, Nafise Tabatabaei, Shamila Tabesh, Leili Ghorbani, Iman Nazifi, Elina Sattari, Sara Mohammadi

Production: Milad Jarmooz, Kourosh Ahari, Alex Bretow
Contact: Milad Jarmooz, e: miladjarmooz[at]

IRN 2017 | Ani. | 3 min.
Director: Mohsen Bagheri Dastgerdi


Et samfunn som ikke aksepterer mangfold og søker dets tilintetgjørelse.

A society which does not accept diversity and seeks its annihilation.

Script: Mohsen Bagheri Dastgerdi | Animation: Sina Koohi Fayegh Dehkordi, Akram Ghaedamini, Mahsa Asadi | Editing: Mahdokht Asghariyan

Production: Mohsen Bagheri Dastgerdi, Luqman Qasemi, VEST PRODUKTION
Contact: Mohsen Bagheri Dastgerdi, e: m.b.dastgerdi[at]

IRN 2017 | Doc. | 15 min.
Director: Forough Rezaei


Ifølge iransk lov er homoseksualitet kriminelt. For å omgå dette problemet finnes en lov som gjør det lovlig for iranere å gjennomgå en kjønnsskifteoperasjon. I denne dokumentaren møter vi Arsham, en homofil kvinne.

According to Islamic Republic law, homosexuality is a crime. To normalize Iranian society, there is a law which allows Iranian homosexuals to do a legal sex change operation. In this documentary we meet Arsham, a homosexual woman.

Camera: Bahar Amirshahi | Sound: Reza Hamidi

Production: Forough Rezaei
Contact: Forough Rezaei, e: foroughrezaeif[at]

IRN 2017 | Fic. | 15 min.
Director: Bahram Ark


En mann kler seg ut som en vær for å komme seg over landegrensen.

A man who wants to pass the border disguises himself as a ram.

Script: Bahram Ark | Cast: Davoud Noorpoor

Production: Iranian National School of Cinema
Contact: Bahram Ark, e: bahramark[at]

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Iran Now 2 (Total: 81 min.)
Lør | Sat 15:00 [Nova 2]

IRN, ITA 2017 | Fic. | 15 min.
Director: Farnoosh Samadi

GAZE (Negah)

På vei hjem fra jobb oppdager en kvinne noe som skjer på bussen, og hun må bestemme seg for om hun skal gjøre noe med det eller ikke.

On her way back from work a woman witnesses something happening on the bus and she has to decide if she should reveal it or not.

Script: Ali Asgari, Farnoosh Samadi | Cast: Marzieh Vafamehr

Production: Pouria Heidary Oureh
Contact: Wouter Jansen, e: info[at]

IRN 2016 | Fic. | 15 min.
Director: Arian Vazirdaftari

NOT YET (Hanooz Na)

Det er Hastis bursdag. Hun studerer i utlandet og foreldrene hennes hjemme i Iran ringer for å gratulere.

It's Hasti’s birthday. She studies abroad and her parents in Iran want to congratulate her via Skype.

Script: Shadi Karamroudi, Arian Vazirdaftari | Camera: Sina Kermanizadeh | Music: Adib Ghorbani | Cast: Farhad Aslan, Pantea Panahiha

Production: Majid Barzegar
Contact: Arian Vazirdaftari, e: arian.vazirdaftari[at]

IRN 2017 | Fic. | 15 min.
Director: Alireza Ghasemi


En 16 år gammel jente må identifisere sin døde mor og håndtere byråkratiet og ansvaret det medfører.

A 16 year old girl deals with the responsibility and harsh bureaucracy of having to identify the body of her mother.

Script: Alireza Ghasemi | Camera: Mohammad Hadadi | Editing: Bahram Emrani | Cast: Khorshid Cheraghipour, Roya Bakhtiari, Peiman Naemi, Siavash Cheraghipour

Production: Alireza Ghasemi
Contact: Alireza Ghasemi, e: anarki348[at]

IRN 2017 | Exp. | 8 min.
Director: Tanin Torabi


En danser beveger seg gjennom folkemengden i en gammel basar i Teheran og vi ser responsen og reaksjonene til de hun beveger seg forbi.

A dancer moves among the people in an old bazaar in Tehran capturing their responses and reactions.

Camera: Milad Sanaie | Script: Tanin Torabi | Editing: Milad Sanaie | Composer: Faran Fahimi | Cast: Tanin Torabi

Production: Tanin Torabi
Contact: Tanin Torabi, e: tanin.torabi92[at]

IRN 2017 | Fic. | 13 min.
Director: Sonia K. Hadad


Personal tar for seg en krise i livet til en ung iransk kvinne som i hemmelighet jobber som modell.

Personal depicts a crisis in the life of a young Iranian woman with a secret modeling career.

Camera: Adib Sobhani | Script: Sonia K. Hadad | Editing: Sonia K. Hadad | Cast: Elaheh Khademi, Hesam Nourani, Elahe Afshari

Production: Payman Shadmanfar
Contact: Sonia K. Hadad, e: sorme2024[at]

IRN 2017 | Fic. | 15 min.
Director: Ghasideh Golmakani


En ung iransk kvinne selger sine eiendeler på internett før hun skal reise utenlands for å studere. En mannlig kunde oppfører seg merkelig.

A young Iranian woman is selling her belongings online before her upcoming travels to study abroad. One of the customers is a man who behaves strangely.

Script: Ghasideh Golmakani | Camera: Amin Jafari | Editing: Pooyan Sholevar | Cast: Kazem Sayahi, Sonia Sanjari, Jahan Hashemi, Mojgan Farzaneh

Production: Ghasideh Golmakani
Contact: Ghasideh Golmakani, e: ghasidehgolmakani[at]

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