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Mid Nordic film is an interregional project between the regions of Trøndelag in Norway, and Jämtland and Västernorrland in Sweden. Together they work to create and maintain a sustainable industry for filmmaking in the region. The Mid Nordic Film Pitch is an initiative from Mid Nordic Film to highlight the great level of quality in our regional production teams, and give opportunities to network and meet producers from both sides of the border. New for this year is the participation from the regions of Ostrobothnia, South Ostrobothnia, Central Finland and Satakunta in Finland. This has been made possible with financial support from the Midnordic Committee, and we are very happy to broaden this regional network cooperation.

The 12 projects in the pitch are competing of altogether 11 500 euros in production support. The best project chosen by the jury will receive 8 000 euro to kick-start their project. The second prize is 3500 euro. The award money is donated by the participating regional film centres, the central Finnish region as well as Mid Nordic Film.


Roger Sellberg (SWE)
Works at the National Film School of Norway, as a coordinator for the photography and production design department. He has also lectured at the editing department of the Film school as well as Dramatiska Institutet, and is a well-experiences editor, sound designer and director.

Gunhild Enger (NOR)
Graduated from Edinburg College of Art, and The School of Film Directing in Gothenburg. Nominated for a BAFTA with her graduation film Bargain, and has since then screened her films at festivals around the world. The films Premature and A Simpler Life was both nominated for an Amanda in 2012 and 2013.

Mats Långbacka (FIN)
Actor and producer. Has produced several shorts and documentaries, as well as full length features. Last year he produced The Disciple (Lärjungen), the Finnish Oscar-candidate. Långbacka has also been acting in several TV-series and movies, both in Finland and abroad.



1. Camilla Wolgers: ATT ÄLSKA VATTUDALEN
(To Love Vattudalen)

SWE (Jämtland)| Doc. | 20 min

A poetic dialogue between Beppe Wolgers and Camilla Wolgers about their time at Öhn and their life around Ströms Vattudal in Strömsund Jämtland. My family had spent 17 summers at Öhn when my father Beppe Wolgers suddenly died in august 1986, at the age of 56. I was 21 years old and I started to realize that I had so many questions unanswered about my father.

Camilla Wolgers has recently started her career as a filmmaker, convinced that film is the forum for her stories.

2. Clara Bodén: YVAS
SWE (Jämtland) | Doc. | 13 min

Is there loss of respect between young people in school today? What does respect mean? Is it even important? Who have time to listen to the answer or ask the question? The film takes place at a high school somewhere in Jämtland trying to tell a visual story on that subject.

Clara Bodén, director, scriptwriter and photographer, runs the production companies Vapen och Dramatik AS in Norway and Poczta in Östersund/Sweden. Her films are frequent at film festivals all over the world.

3. Anna Erlandsson: CASATA PASSIONATA
SWE (Jämtland) | Ani. | 5 min

A film that celebrates the passion of doing what you love in life... We keep on, even if time is out, there is no money left and the audience has left a long time ago... the restaurant is closing, the last guests are paying their bills and the musicians are about to end the last song, the lights are going down and the closing credits are rolling.

Anna Erlandsson is active as a designer, artist and animator. In 2005 she got the Swedish Guldbagge award for the best short with "Glenn the great runner".

4. Astrid Thorvaldsen: INNTRENGEREN
NOR | Fic.

«I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I thought it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again.» Did you get goose bumps? Me too. That's why I want to make a short horror film based on this phrase. I'll promise you a delightful little nightmare of a film!

Astrid Thorvaldsen is a director studying Master of Arts in Film and Video Production at NTNU.

5. Jøran Wærdahl, Magnus Aspli: DISAPPEARING DARLINGS
NOR | Ani. (Puppets)

A fly detective investigates the mysterious disappearance of a bumblebee kid in a run-down part of Bug City. But soon the citizens and streets themselves seem to disappear around him.

Jøran Wærdahl is a producer at the production company Klipp og Lim who has made a number of short fictions over the last years. Magnus Aspli won the Page International Screenwriting Awards in 2011 with Disappearing Darlings.

6. Gjermund Gisvold: SPRING FOR LIVET
(Run for your Life)

NOR | Fic.

18 years after serving as a UN soldier in Kosovo, Kristoffer decides to go running for the first time in as many years, despite severe overweight, lack of planning and a good dose of social anxiety.

Gjermund Gisvold has been studying Creative Writing at the University of Tromsø for the last two years, which is also where he discovered his love for screenwriting. Run for your Life is his third short screenplay.

7. Gunnar Hall Jensen: ICE FISHERS FROM SYRIA
SWE (Västernorrland)

In a small village in the North of Sweden lives Per Asp, who raises pigs. 25 refugees from Syria has arrived to the village with very little to do, so Per has decided to give them a course in ice fishing.

Gunnar Hall Jensen (Sundsvall) is an independent director with several award winning cinema and TV-documentaries behind him.

8. Jonathan Norberg: NEJ MEN HEJ, ÄLSKLING
(Oh Hello Sweety)

SWE (Västernorrland) | Fic.

A comedy about Fredrik, a very shy guy who is in love with his neighbour Rebecka. Since he is too shy to talk to her, he starts making movies for her instead, together with his friend Roger.

Jonathan Norberg is a 27-year-old freelancing filmmaker from Sundsvall. He has a bachelor of arts in movie production from Högskolan Dalarna.

9. Louise Åslund, Sara Wikstrøm: JAG HAR ALLTID HAFT EN VILD FANTASI (I've Always Had a Wild Imagination)
SWE (Västernorrland) | Fic.

A short film that is supposed to reflect what is going on in the brain and body of a young girl during news of and treatment for severe illness.

Louise Åslund is currently studying the final year of Graphic Design and Communication at Mid Sweden University.
Sara Wikström is studying her second year of Screenwriting at Dalarna University.

10. Noora Kytöharju: A NATION DIVIDED
FIN | Doc. | 22 min

The Finnish Civil War in year 1918 lasted only a few months, but within the minds of people the war has lasted until the 21st century. The wound of the civil war is still open. This documentary tells the story of two cities, located in Central Finland, where the confrontation still exists.

11. Martin Karlsson: GRIEF
FIN | 28 min

The purpose of the film is to open a conversation about things that can be difficult to talk about. It consists of three parts: the silence of a house whose owner has just passed away, a funeral ceremony and finally three different people who talk about their grief.

12. Seija Hakkarainen, Oskar Repo: WORLD X
FIN | Fic. | 22 min

WORLD X exists nowhere, everywhere and anywhere. It is located solely indoors, at an unfamiliar and timeless place in a factory-type environment. People living in WORLD X are voluntarily locked-in, and seem like human exhibition objects. WORLD X is a captivating combination of physical theatre, visual art, progressive circus and film art. Episode film. Non-verbal.

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