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Ticket NOK 50

In March of 1907, an English cinematographer came to Trondheim with his camera. He was in Norway on behalf of Hale's Tours of the World, which specialized in so-called "phantom rides", where the audience could experience train tours from around the world with shots from cameras mounted at the front of the locomotive. He was in Trøndelag to film a "phantom ride" with Meråkerbanen to Storlien, but before leaving the city, the cinema owner had persuaded him to film Trondheim from one of the city's newly installed trams. The film was shown to Trondheim's audience in Kinografen at the market place in the winter of 1908, when the photographer had returned and supplemented with further shots under the title 'A Tram Ride Through Trondhjem'.

Now, this film is restored and digitized at the National Library's film department, having its first run at Minimalen, 110 years after the first time citizens of Trondheim were excited by this view of their hometown.

We would also extend our congratulations to Trondheim kino, celebrating 100 years!

To be presented by Bjørn Sørenssen, Professor Emeritus in Film and Media Studies at NTNU. His fields of research include film history, documentary film and media technology.


Categories: Ani = Animation, Doc = Documentary, Exp = Experimental, Fic = Fiction, Mus = Music


Lør | Sat 11:00
(Total: 70 min.) [Nova 3]

USA, NOR 1908 | Doc. | 10 min.
Director: Hale's Tours of the World

TRONDHJEM PÅ KRYDS OG TVÆRS (A Tram Ride Through Trondhjem)

En trikketur gjennom Trondheim by i 1907 og 1908.

A tram ride through the city of Trondheim in 1907 and 1908.

Print Source: Nasjonalbiblioteket



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