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Minimalen 2018

Festival 2018
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INT: International Comp.
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Iran Now
Nick Jordan
Estonian Animation
Hollywood Revisited: Mark Rappaport Essays
Norwegian Film Art: Rolf Aamot and Ane Hjort Guttu
Multiplié dansefilm
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Seminar: Short to Feature

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Minimalen Short Film Festival

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Industry event Wednesday 15:00 [Nova 3]

Minimalen presents, in cooperation with Midtnorsk Filmsenter:

Seminar: Short to Feature

The seminar investigates a noteable trend in Nordic filmmaking, where a fiction short film is used as a working method on the way to making a feature film.

Wes Anderson has done that, Jim Jarmush too. These are some recent Nordic examples:

• Jorunn Myklebust Syversen (NOR): Crying Man => The Tree Feller
• Amanda Kernell (SWE): Northern Great Mountain => Sami Blood
• Rúnar Rúnarsson (ISL): Smáfuglar (short) => Smáfuglar (feature)
• Johannes Nyholm (SWE): Music video => Jätten/The Giant
• Mads Matthiesen (DNK): Dennis => Teddy Bear

These shorts are strong examples of creating their own universe and characters in a short film which the filmmakers have later used to create attention by potential sources of funding, producers and such. Some of the films were intentionally made as a kind of sketch or trailer, while as with others it was only afterwards that the feature film plan became relevant.

A panel of relevant filmmakers, producers, consultants and academics will shed a light on:

• Why it is done, what are the benefits
• What the process may look like
• What consequences it may have for both the short film and the feature film

The seminar is aimed at the film industry, but is open to anyone with ticket / festival pass.

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Award winners at Minimalen 2017
International Competition Best International Film - The Minimalen Trophy and 1000 euro given by Minimalen LIMBO by Konstantina Kotzamani [FRA, GRE] The jury were impressed by the pure cinematic power of [+]

Publisert 30.01.2017 13:32

Join our team – be a volunteer at Minimalen
We hope you will join us in creating a great festival 25. – 29. januar 2017. As a volunteer you will meet other film enthusiasts and work in a great [+]

Publisert 23.11.2016 13:54

Award Winners at Minimalen 2016
International Competition Jury: Richard Raskin (USA, DNK), Hannes Vartiainen (FIN), Arna Marie Bersås (NOR). Best International Film- incl. EUR 1 000 from Minimalen ZEPO av César Díaz Meléndez [ESP] The film tells a [+]

Publisert 31.01.2016 23:32

Award Winners at Minimalen 2015
Norwegian Competition Prerunner: Prerunner to be screened at Trondheim Kino for one month, chosen by Trondheim Kino. Special Mention: ALL IN by Line Klungseth Johansen and Øystein Moe Best Prerunner: [+]

Publisert 27.04.2015 15:27

Award Winners at the 26th Minimalen Short Film Festival
International Panorama Audience Award: 500 euro from Minimalen. CURFEW by Shawn Christensen – USA Don Quixote Award, chosen by the FICC-jury: Atle Hunnes Isaksen, Daniela Fend, Carles Font Garcia. THE DEVIL [+]

Publisert 16.03.2014 18:10

  Trondheim kino as