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Minimalen 2017

Festival 2017:
  Schedule (pdf)
International Comp.
Nordic & Norwegian Comp.
Short Matters
Deborah Stratman
Short Treats
Czech Animation
Forum: Contemporary Propaganda
Multiplié Dance Film
Music Video Party
Children's Prog.
Regional Premieres & Reception
Norwegian Film Art:
The 90s
Short Film Studies Symposium

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The 26th Minimalen Short Film Festival
March 12 - 16, 2014

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Awards 2014

Awards – Nordic Competition

Four films were awarded by the jury. All the winners receive a Nordic Competition Trophy. Please note that the films in the Norwegian Competition also participated.

Nordic competition

Best Nordic Film: Trophy + 1.000 euro from Minimalen

  • FADING COLOURS (Fargene forsvant) by Hanne Martine Cotton Breivik – Norway

A fiction film that tells of human drama and empathy, without ever feeling manipulative, private or sentimental. The subject matter has documentary elements and possibly inspiration, but was made into a fiction in a very honest and touching way. It feels as if the filmmaker has taken a piece of reality and made it into a fictinal situation, and thereby hightened the dramatic and emphatic experience without loosing the sense of reality. We were deeply moved by the way in which the main actress stands out with poise and dignity in a demanding role of simplicity and directness. It is a story about professinal responsitility in the realm between life and death.

Best Nordic Fiction: Trophy

  • ON SUFFOCATION by Jenifer Malmqvist – Sweden

A powerful tale of love and hate, as well as the conflict between moral principles in human societies. This last act of tragedy-turned-love is expressed in a minimalistic and simple way, contrasting a grim reality with a deeper form of humanity. Instead of resorting to melodramatic means, the filmmaker has chosen metonymic elements to make us feel and think and empathize, leaving us in no doubt that a flipflop can signify humanness and vulnerablity.

Best Nordic Documentary: Trophy

  • GROWING HOME (Se litt tilbake) by Trond Kvig Andreassen – Norway

To a film that takes us on a pleasant journey to a corner of the Western world that seems less touched by modern life. By means of a relaxed pace and warming characters it makes us reflect upon what makes up a good life. In our contemporary time of haste and commercial pressure it puts up a different reality. Without ever telling us how to think or decide, it brings up relevant questions of how to lead an analog life in a digital age, and whether it is possible to choose simple living in this complicated world.

Best Nordic Animation or Art Film: Trophy

  • ELECTRIC SOUL by Joni Männistö – Finland

As children we sometimes create the most fantastic worlds. We imagine humans among the clouds, make angels in the snow, see lions in the wardrobe at night. It takes big imagination, a very special eye and enormously demading patience to create a world of dance and ballet from electronic and data components.

Special mentions:

  • WHALE VALLEY (Hvalfjörður) by Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

To a film about a highly moving brotherly relationship, dealing with personal risk and mutal responsibility in a sensitive and original way.

  • EATING LUNCH (Äta lunch) by Sanna Lenken

A simple, everyday situation makes us understand the real hell young people with eating disorders are going through.

  • EMERGENCY CALLS (Hätäkutsu) by Hannes Vartiainen, Pekka Veikkolainen

An artistically very interesting attempt to tell about life and death in our world.

The competition consisted of 34 Nordic (non-Norwegian) films, along with the 31 Norwegian films in Norwegian Competition.

The Award Jury for The Norwegian and Nordic Competition:
ARTSVI BAKHCHINYAN (b. 1971, Armenia)
ODA BHAR (f. Norway)
ROGER SELLBERG (b. 1946, Sweden)


Norwegian competition

 Best Norwegian: 5.000 kr from Zalando

  • BLAME IT ON THE SEAGULL (Det var ikke jeg, det var fiskmåsen) by Julie Engaas

A vivid combination of animation and intelligent monologue, revealing the external and internal everyday life of a not-quite-usual teenager. Together with him we discover how it may be possible to handle a tricky personal problem with humour and inventiveness. Without resorting to victimizing or overtly explanatory means, the filmmaker is making a psychological problem understandable to us, leaving us with a feeling that this could ? almost, happen to us all.

The Award Jury for The Norwegian and Nordic Competition:
ARTSVI BAKHCHINYAN (b. 1971, Armenia)
ODA BHAR (f. Norway)
ROGER SELLBERG (b. 1946, Sweden)


Beste Prerunner: Prerunner to be screened at Trondheim kino for one month, chosen by Trondheim Kino

  • CHANGING HANDS (Byttedagen) by Jøran Wærdahl og Vidar Dahl

Motivation in Norwegian:

Til en vellaget og vakker film med en fin melankolsk stemning. Tematikken skildres episodisk gjennom glidende bilder der hverdagslige hendelser trer frem i et nytt lys og kaller på ettertanken. Fortellemåten er lekker og gjennomtenkt: poetisk og presis på samme tid.


The competition consisted of 31 Norwegian films.


International Panorama

Don Quixote Award, chosen by the FICC-jury: Atle Hunnes Isaksen, Daniela Fend, Carles Font Garcia.

  • THE DEVIL by Jean-Gabriel Périot – France

The prize goes to an experimental documentary, which consists of two parts: Archive footage and music mixed together by a powerful score and a series of political speeches involving us into different groups of the civil rights movement. The aesthetics are determined by the use of archive material, which is shown with a lot of cohesion and coherence in a very creative way. It consciously conveys its focus mainly on society issues and transfers it into a compact poetical intellectual montage, which can even give you a physical reaction. The jury has also valued its strength, rhythm, compressed time and its untendentious way of communicating its theme.


Audience Award: 500 euro from Minimalen.

  • CURFEW by Shawn Christensen – USA


Awards – One-minute-films

One-minute-films – YOUNG: Audience Award, 3.000 kr from Midtnorsk Filmsenter

  • THE SWAP by Nora F. Kverkild, Marianne Ross Glasø, Lauritz Kaasa, Ingunn Helland

One-Minute-Films: Audience Award, Den Gyldne Saks

  • HAN OG HUND by Finn Walther

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Programme 2017
Nova Cinema, 1, 2 & 3
General age restriction: 15 y.o.
(Children's prog.: 6 y.o.)

18:15 Forum: Contemporary Propaganda [Antikvariatet]
12:00 NOR 1
14:00 NOR 2
16:00 Meet the Filmmakers
16:00 Short Matters 1
18:00 Regional Premieres
19:30 Opening Reception
21:00 INT 1
22:00 Festival Club

10:00 Children's prog. 1
11:00 How the Troll Was Made
11:00 NOR 3
12:00 Children's prog. 2
13:00 How the Troll Was Made
13:00 NOR 4
15:00 Meet the Filmmakers
15:00 Short Matters 2
17:00 Short Film Studies Symposium
19:00 INT 2
21:00 INT 3
22:00 Festival Club
11:00 NOR 5
12:00 One-minute-films
13:00 NOR 6
15:00 Meet the Filmmakers
15:00 Short Matters 3
17:00 INT 4
19:00 Deborah Stratman 1: Retrospective
21:00 Czech Ani. 1:
21:00 Music Video Party
[Helmet Studio]

11:00 Czech Ani. 2:
13:00 INT 5
15:00 INT 6
17:00 Meet the Filmmakers
17:00 Deborah Stratman 2: Retrospective
19:00 Deborah Stratman 3: Masterclass
21:00 Czech Ani. 3:
22:00 Festival Club

11:00 Norwegian Film Art 1990-2000: Part 1
13:00 Norwegian Film Art 1990-2000: Part 2
15:00 Award ceremony and screening
18:00 Multiplié Dance Film
20:00 Short Treats
20:00 Festival Club

Changes might occur.

Award winners at Minimalen 2017
International Competition Best International Film - The Minimalen Trophy and 1000 euro given by Minimalen LIMBO by Konstantina Kotzamani [FRA, GRE] The jury were impressed by the pure cinematic power of [+]

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Join our team – be a volunteer at Minimalen
We hope you will join us in creating a great festival 25. – 29. januar 2017. As a volunteer you will meet other film enthusiasts and work in a great [+]

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Award Winners at Minimalen 2016
International Competition Jury: Richard Raskin (USA, DNK), Hannes Vartiainen (FIN), Arna Marie Bersås (NOR). Best International Film- incl. EUR 1 000 from Minimalen ZEPO av César Díaz Meléndez [ESP] The film tells a [+]

Publisert 31.01.2016 23:32

Award Winners at Minimalen 2015
Norwegian Competition Prerunner: Prerunner to be screened at Trondheim Kino for one month, chosen by Trondheim Kino. Special Mention: ALL IN by Line Klungseth Johansen and Øystein Moe Best Prerunner: [+]

Publisert 27.04.2015 15:27

Award Winners at the 26th Minimalen Short Film Festival
International Panorama Audience Award: 500 euro from Minimalen. CURFEW by Shawn Christensen – USA Don Quixote Award, chosen by the FICC-jury: Atle Hunnes Isaksen, Daniela Fend, Carles Font Garcia. THE DEVIL [+]

Publisert 16.03.2014 18:10

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